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Welcome Home

I see you have knocked upon the door of Knowledge, Let the games begin!


As you have now registered for one or more of the amazing Workshops that the Master herself Adele Marie is about to give, remember these workshops are not for the faint at heart, or so they say. They are for the initiate who wishes to take their studies and their human life higher into the elements in which only those who have Mastered their psychical Earth existence have gone. Welcome Home, we have been waiting!

Your Workshop shall begin right on time, do please dress to NOT impress, but to be comfortable.

Keep your ears and eyes open at all times, things do move around, energies like to play.

We also like to play, but not with your learning, as an initiate you will be asked to play our games, Are YOU Ready?

Ten please proceed on your workshop day to the address below: Enjoy Earthling, Enjoy! 


Please see the address below:

The Bright View Business Center
8258 Veterans Highway
Millersville, Maryland, 21108
If you have any questions, please do not ask.





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