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What you Need to know in Today’s world of Mediums

What you really need to know about Mediums, psychic mediums and psychics is something that is very near and dear to me as all of my work is centered on the responsibility and integrity of this work arena. To teach and educate individuals on the truths about mediumship, the do’s and don’ts if you plan on opening yourself up to be a medium and what you truly need to know when you go to see one. I once had someone say if you take my classes or come to see me for a private session “It is Adele’s way or the highway.” How true they are, and I take no offense to this being said as I would not be who I am if this was not the case.

You see I do not hide who I am or what I do. I am very grateful for those who have touched my life by allowing me into their life, whether by an appointment, counseling, channeling, my TV Shows, workshops, classes or purchasing my books and CD’s. You see being a medium has so much baggage of old energy, and people have all kinds of notions in their minds on what a medium is. I believe people need to know the truth and sometimes that truth does not sit well with others, as they say it is my way or the highway. I know that I have tweaked them, and I have given them a reflection of their own stuff that they do not want to look at. I take what they give me and then I know it is a positive reflection back to me for not compromising who I am and what I do.

Let’s look at in this way and I will show you what the differences in mediums, psychic mediums and psychics are:

Medium: A medium is to demonstrate the continuity of life; as in being an open channel/communicator between both the spiritual realms and physical realms for those who have crossed over to speak to their loved ones here in the physical. As a medium we work to raise our vibrations of energy to work closely with the spiritual realms. To some this is no more than just being in a constant state of awareness at a higher level.

Many people get clairvoyant and clairvoyance confused thinking they are the same but actually they are very different. Both are considered the sixth sense.
Some mediums can actually see spirit standing with others. Some say this is a very rare form and not every medium can see with their eyes physically wide open, which is called Clairvoyant – the ability to see beyond the range of ordinary perception.

As a clairvoyance this is the most common way in which a medium is seeing which is related to the images that are always present in their minds eye ( 3rd eye) that bring messages from other frequency and realms with spirit

When a medium is working, they can be utilizing many different “clairs” at one time or just one at a time;

* Clairvoyant –physically sees with eyes wide open
* Clairvoyance- sees in the inner mind with eyes open or closed
* Clairaudient – hears everything that is spoken
* Clairsentient – feels everything that is around
* Claircognative -clear knowing
* Empathic – senses emotions, love, joy, pains and discomfort

This is a small sample of the “clairs,” the list can be longer, but I chose these as they are ones most individuals are familiar with or recognize. It is on learning how to recognize which “Clair” you are working with to then refine the language of the spiritual realms to one that you can work with for the deliverance of messages.

A Psychic Medium is one who works the same way very much as above but will also utilize the psychic end of intuition with feelings. A medium may be a psychic as in receiving messages/ feelings intuitively. As they will expand on the feelings, they are receiving to then deliver messages to others. A psychic medium may also use the added addition of tools as in astrology, oracle cards, an object of any kind, etc. This then gives them a wider paying field to open up in their work.

A Psychic uses their intuition to the understanding of working not just off of their intuition but also with tools such as, astrology/zodiac symbols, oracle cards, tarot cards, divination, etc. to deliver the readings to others. The psychic works off of feelings, places and events that they too have previously experienced in their own energy and when they are with someone who has that particular energy to be able to recall the information to then deliver their messages.

As a medium is psychic but a psychic is not a medium.

When you are working with a medium whether it is in receiving a private reading, attending an event, or watching on TV, please be aware the Medium will never need to use any tools to do their work. There are a variety of ways that a medium works that they have done a lot of learning to develop this gift no matter whom they may be. Some have this extraordinary ability to see, hear and feel things, which they will then need to develop them. Some mediums go to development classes or circles. When I was young, we did not have classes like you do now, but we had circles and we had those very limited few who knew what we could do and would try to assist us in understanding them. A lot of my own development came from trial and error working with spirit to develop what I now teach in my classes. As I matured in my own spirit language, I traveled to many different places to sit in development circle with other individuals who were also learning what everything was about. Not everyone was at the same level but we helped one another and it gave me such a clear understanding how we are all different in what we receive from spirit and what to do and not to do. This too is the same way John Edward learned to develop that which he was going through as most of you have learned by reading his books and website.

There is nothing wrong with this.

I have met and heard many individuals say, “I do not need to go to class my gift is natural.” First, this is natural for every one of us; we all have this gift and ability to do this and more. Then I have heard these same individuals’ messages to others and I have seen the results of these messages they have delivered to others and I will say, sorry you still need to sit with others in a development class or circle to understand that which you are receiving and how to deliver a message to others. Because until you do, you have not learned the foundation and you do not understand the responsibility you have to another individual when you deliver those messages. Because yes, when you do this work that you are called to do, you have a huge responsibility to yourself but most importantly to others.

A medium should always be able to connect straight to you with no additional tools, whether it is an in-person reading or long-distance (phone consult). If you have a medium asking you to write a question on paper and then they read the question to themselves to give you their answer, then this is not a medium. If you have a medium asking you questions right away when they first start their reading with you then this is not a medium. In no way should they say “okay what questions do you have?” No medium should ask you to write a question then read it to give you your answer, this is so psychic or psychic medium work it is not funny– as they will then work off of their own intuition to answer the question.

A medium should be able to connect with your energy to then open the doors to spirit to start giving you your messages of what they are receiving. Now yes, there will be times when a medium is seeing something that is being shown to them and they will need to ask a question to verify what they are getting. But in no way should they say, “okay what questions do you have?” Remember they are the medium, not you. I will suggest that you have a list of questions with you on the day of your appointment. This is so that you will not forget when the time comes, and the medium, psychic medium or psychic ask you if you have any questions. This should not be asked by that individual until you are almost through with the appointment.

If a medium asks you for your birth date or anything related to astrology, then this is not a medium. A medium does not need astrology or birthdates to get messages from spirit! Plain and simple. If you want a birth chart done or an astrology reading with tarot, or the zodiac, then please go to an Astrologist and if you want an excellent one, write to me and I will tell you of an exceptional lady who is the Astrologist to the Stars and she even blows me away when she tells me things. Which I might add is very hard to do!

A medium should always be able to connect straight to you with no additional tools, whether it is an in-person reading or long-distance (phone consult). A medium will never ask you to submit questions or any other information ahead of time other than what they need to schedule your appointment.

From time to time you will have a medium asking for an object such as a piece of jewelry or clothing if they are assisting in locating a missing person or if they need a door opener to do their work, this is okay. This is how they have been taught to open or turn on their gift, in their own development. Once that object is in their hands, they will not need anything else and will place the object down after they get going. This is a form of psychometry, when one has an object with the energetic imprint of another individual. This is also what I teach my students to work with and develop. I accept that as a valid door opener, as when I have many clients back to back in a single day I will ask the individual to place their hands in mine as I say an opening prayer, this is letting myself and my Counsel of One of Angelic Wise Ones to know this is the individual I am working with right now and no one else may enter. This connects us energetically and then I begin. When I am working with someone long-distance, I do not need that as I start my opening prayer, it is just the way I have taught myself to open up and work with individuals.

A medium should never ask you why you are calling or sitting in front of them and who is in spirit that you want to talk with. Spirit is all around you each day no matter what, it will always be for your highest understanding and what the main message for you to hear when you are receiving a reading with a medium. All of my readings with individuals are all different and I explain I never know what will happen as each reading is different with each client. No two are alike just as no two individuals are alike. Your loved ones will either come in straight away to talk to you to tell you everything you need or you will be given that main message first and then they will come in to tell you everything you need to know and to let you know they are happy, whole and complete and send their love to you. Sometimes I have not had any loved ones in spirit come in to say anything, this is rare, but this also goes back to what is the main message the individual is to receive. Because sometimes it is their guides, angels and teachers who are their loved ones in spirit who are always there to give them messages.
Now a psychic medium will use different tools in their work and this is okay too, (remember what I have written earlier at top) as long as you know that you are working with a psychic medium – and that they have tools that they use to do their work. This should be on their website or informed to you when making your appointment. Everything will depend on what the probabilities are when you receive your reading, the information you are receiving, some may change, and some may not. But your loved ones will still be around to talk to you; it will all be in the way the psychic medium works. I have many individuals I know who psychic mediums and they use divination/oracle cards to get started and then the information comes in to give to you as your loved ones are there, it is up to how the psychic medium works and delivers those messages to you.

And a psychic reading is just that. Using their intuition to the understanding of working not just off of their intuition but also with tools such as: astrology/zodiac symbols, oracle cards, tarot cards, divination, etc. to deliver the readings to others. The psychic works off of feelings, places and events they too have previously experienced in their own energy and when they are with someone who has that particular energy to be able to recall the information to then deliver their messages.

Even though your loved ones are around, the psychic does not connect to them the same way the medium or psychic medium does as they are not raising their vibration to receive messages from your loved ones, remember it is working off their own intuition and energy. Now remember what a psychic tells you during that time can change with all probabilities as you leave them and walk out their door. As I teach my students when receiving a reading with a psychic medium or psychic they too are also working on probabilities so if you had planned on going to the store after your reading and you were so happy when leaving and decided to go to lunch instead then you just changed a few probabilities which will then change the outcome of the reading you just had. This is sub-conscious free will of choice.

As with a medium, who works with raising the energy vibrations, a medium sees and knows exactly what will happen as they have a connection with those in the spiritual realms for complete fact that can only change if you decide to consciously change the outcome which goes with everything as free will of choice.

I once knew a young woman who kept going to a psychic and she would come back and tell me how great this psychic was. And how she was so excited because this psychic told her she would always be with the man she was dating, and it was fate. He might break off their relationship for a while, but he would return to her to get married and they would be happily ever after stuff. This young lady waited for over ten years for this man to marry her for their happily ever after. He did break up with her, he did keep coming back and forth, but the last time he came back was to tell her he was happy, and he had just married a woman as they were expecting a child.

I felt bad for this young woman, but I did try to tell her all those years, never once changing my mind from what spirit was telling me, that this relationship was not meant to be and that she was missing all kinds of other potential mates to keep waiting. She did not listen and in the end,  she cried and admitted that I have never steered her wrong, she just never wanted anyone else so much and she had believed this woman because everyone said she was awesome and she really did not want to look at the truth of what I had been giving her. She lived off of this psychic’s reading for over ten years and never once did she realize that the probabilities had changed but she did not. She did not allow herself to just live her life, instead she chose to dwell and live the life the psychic had told her in her reading.

Be open to all possibilities when receiving a reading or messages from a medium you may not want to hear what is being said to you, but if you are open you can get so much information from what is being said and delivered to you through the medium from a higher source of energy that will never lie to you. But remember to choose your medium wisely. Do not be fooled into believing you need to pay  four or five hundreds of dollars because a medium or psychic medium or psychic is high profiled so they must be good or must be worth it. Just because they charge more does not mean you get more or someone who is working in integrity or has a higher connection to spirit. Do your homework on the medium, search and see if there is anything negative about them from what others who have a had a reading say.

Another young lady recently had a five hundred dollar reading from a medium who was supposed to be fantastic and absolutely the best and the waiting list was so long they must be great. But as soon as they connected on the phone, she was asked why she was calling, she told the medium she wanted to see if anyone in spirit wanted to speak to her, she was then told no and then she was asked what questions you have. This to me is not someone who is a medium; this person to me I would describe as only a psychic. Especially since I know this young lady has a ton of loved ones in spirit who are always waiting to talk to her. So please do your homework.

It breaks my heart to see so many people not receiving what they are paying their money to receive from another. There must be an exchange of energy, but this young lady did not receive the correct exchange. I think this is one of my only areas that I do get upset about when I see or hear of individual paying so much money from what is describe to them as a medium. Therefore, I write all of this, this month, to give you the learning education you need to successfully find that medium who works in integrity and can evenly exchange to you all that they are receiving from the highest source of energy from all of those in the spiritual realms.

Here are a few things you need to know when you decide to make an appointment with a medium, a psychic medium or a psychic it will not matter whether they are a high-profile professional, a professional or someone just beginning to come out into the world as a professional.

1) Before setting an appointment ask others if they have had a reading/session with the medium/psychic who you are thinking about seeing.
2) You can always Google them and see what shows up where they are at.
3) See if the medium/psychic has a website in which you can read about the medium/psychic you are looking to go to. Their website should have information about them to read.
4) Know the style of the medium/psychic and even ask the medium/psychic how they work. Do they need any tools (cards, astrology, crystals, etc.)
5) Are you allowed to ask questions and when can you ask during your reading
6) Will the appointment/ reading be taped/recorded or may you tape/record it yourself.
7) What is their cancellation policy
8) What is their timeline and is there usually a waiting time that day of the appointment.
9) Decide if you want this to be in person or long-distance (phone consult)
10) Know what the amount is that you will be charged for the session/reading and what if you go over the time allotted for the appointment will there be any additional charges.
11) Make sure you have a list of questions with you to ask on the day of your appointment. This is so that you will not forget when the time comes, and the medium, psychic medium or psychic ask you if you have any questions. This should not be asked by that individual until you are almost through with the appointment.
12) Be open, have fun and enjoy!

I hope this has helped with so many questions you may have about mediums, a psychic medium or psychics. And what you need to know as you select the individual of your choice. These are all the things to me in this work that I do that I value when I work, that I know that I am being the best medium I can be to give all that to you and more. Yes, it is a huge responsibility, but if your medium works in integrity then you will always be in good hands and have nothing to worry about.

I wanted to leave you with a few things about myself, so you understand how I work. I use no tools in my work, I can connect with you in person or long-distance (phone consult) all I need is to hear your voice and I am ready. I do give you all of what I call my rules before we begin, as this allows you to relax and for all of my Counsel of One The Angelic Wise Ones to connect with all of your guides, teachers, angels and loved ones in spirit. So, they can get to know one another and for my Counsel to educate your team on how I work and what I am open to receiving in the way of dialogue the spirit language. All of this goes on ethereally as I am talking to you to let you understand how I work and what will be going on during the reading.
I will let you know I can see Spirit physically with my eyes wide open, I can see them within my mind’s eye with my eyes open or closed, I can hear, sense, feel, taste, smell, and know them. All of this is coming at me at the same time and it has been my responsibility over the years to learn to work with all these senses and to understand how all of them work together. I then complete my rules with you, ask if you have any questions on everything I have just said. I then say the opening prayer and I begin.

So here is to beginnings. May you have that which you need to begin a relationship with your own medium, and your fresh start in becoming the medium you are!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele


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