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Certified Psychic/Medium Reader Workshop

Certified Psychic/Medium Reader Workshop
May 4 & 5, 2013
Time: Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm – Doors Open at 9:45am
 Sunday 10:00am to 3:00pm
Tuition:  $320.00 – Deposit $100.00 

So, you are a Psychic-Medium and still having a hard time putting everything together? This amazing workshop is for those who are in business doing readings and for those who would like to start being in business for themselves.

This experiential workshop will guide you through all you need to give a face-lift to you & your business as a Angel, Psychic or Mediumship Reader, keeping it flowing with your Angels, Angelic Guides and Teachers who are always present and with you. Learn to open yourself to the Angelic Light guidance that is at your door and get your energy and clients moving in the right direction once more.

This workshop is for those who are in business doing readings and/for those who would like to start being in business for themselves.

Do you love working with people? Do you work with clients giving readings? Do you use Angel Cards? Are you Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentience or have you been told you have Psychic or Mediumship abilities? Are you trying to figure out how to get started the right way? When you have clients in front of you are you finding you are spending more time with them than you are scheduled for? Do you find yourself going over and over the same things? Are you feeling tired or physically drained after a day of reading sessions with clients? Do your clients make you feel as if you are second guessing yourself? There is such a wide range of things that go on before, during and after a private or group reading session in this field of work.

Let’s take it to the next level and bring everything together for you for you to always have control of your reading session and leave clients coming back for more and bringing their friends.

In this Workshop, you will learn:
· In what direction your are going
· How to give the best reading
· How to work with your gifts and abilities
· How to prepare yourself for your clients
· What you need and what you do not need
· How to set-up your “Rules”
· How to give your “Rules” to clients
· How to set your schedule
· When to travel and when not to travel
· How to work with a Group Session
· What you will need to do Parties & Group Sessions

Participants will do a five-minute presentation for a reading session. Adele Marie and the other students will then give positive feedback as well as specific suggestions for improvement. This is an essential element to have this wonderful feedback from your fellow classmates, as it helps you work out the small hiccups, before your client is sitting in front of you.

Come join others of like mind in this wonderful workshop developed just for you by the Master Visionary Teacher, Adele Marie as she lovingly introduces you to the world of Mediumship. Adele’s workshops are designed and created to give you all that you need to be and experience Mediumship on all levels.

You will not find anything like Adele Marie’s workshops as she has created and designed them from her years of experience working with the Universal, Angelic and Spiritual Realms. Authentically walking and working with integrity is her passion and she has proven that she has what it takes over and over again, to bring you with her in this journey. Her love, compassion, sense of direction and style are what keeps her clients and students coming back as she empowers everyone to find their authentic self and discover who they really are. She is known as The Visionary for a reason as she puts it to the test with exactness and concise messages time after time. Adele Marie opens the doors on your journey of Mediumship, giving you the tools to embrace you on your own path with a loving hand of guidance and understanding that is unparalleled.

Tuition: $320.00 Saturday & Sunday
All Materials and Angelic Wise Ones Certification on completion of Course

You must register with non-refundable Deposit in advance to attend any and all classes, workshops or events.

Registration Information:

– Directions will be sent upon Registration with  non-refundable Deposit
– Non-Refundable deposit of $100.00
– Remainder of Payment must be made in full – at time of class sign-in. (Doors open at 9:45am)
– Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is strictly limited to 12 individuals
– Registration is a must to hold your seat

*** NOTE ***

NO Caffeine One-Hour Prior to Workshop dates & times
Doors Open at 9:45 am
This is a small intimate class, by registering you are filling a seat

Registration is necessary to reserve your space and classes fill up fast!

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Certified Psychic/Medium Reader  Workshop

  Workshop Fee:  $320.00


Deposit: $100.00