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Hall of Angelic Prayer

Hall of Angelic Prayer
March 10, 2013
Time: Sunday 10:00am to 3:00pm – Doors Open at 9:45am
Tuition:  $125.00 – Deposit $50.00 

We all have that inner knowing of prayers. That special word that makes you feel good to know there is a prayer that is being said for you or a loved one. We hear people say all the time “I am sending you my prayers” but what does that really mean? Many do not understand what prayer is and how to do so correctly. Allow Adele Marie to walk you through the doors into the Hall of Prayers. There is a special place in Heaven where all prayers go and Adele Marie will guide you there to see the beauty that waits with each prayer that you give for another.

Working with your Guardian Angel, Adele will introduce to you your Angel of Prayer to bring the prayerful soul to life. To answer your prayers on all levels, journey into and beyond the realms of majestic halls of the knowing here and after.

You will not find anything like Adele Marie’s workshops as she has created and designed them from her years of experience working with the Universal, Angelic and Spiritual Realms. Authentically walking and working with integrity is her passion and she has proven that she has what it takes over and over again, to bring you with her in this journey. Her love, compassion, sense of direction, authenticity and style are what brings her clients and students back as she empowers everyone to find their authentic self and discover who they really are. She is known as The Visionary for a reason as she puts it to the test with exactness and concise messages time after time.

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Registration Information:

– Directions will be sent upon Registration with  non-refundable Deposit
– Non-Refundable deposit of $50.00
– Remainder of Payment must be made in full – at time of class sign-in. (Doors open at 9:45am)
– Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and is strictly limited to 12 individuals
– Registration is a must to hold your seat

*** NOTE ***

NO Caffeine One-Hour Prior to Workshop dates & times
Doors Open at 9:45 am
This is a small intimate class, by registering you are filling a seat

Registration is necessary to reserve your space and classes fill up fast!

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Hall of Angelic Prayer Workshop

  Workshop Fee:  $125.00

Deposit: $50.00