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Yes Love Awaits You

Are you searching for Love?4-Love

We take comfort in knowing that we are loved, in love and believe in love, how much do we really understand what love really means? Love is easily said, but not so easily described. We fall in love many times in our life. Young first love, furry friends love, secret loves, and crushes which are not really love but just the same in my book…a feeling of not being able to breathe and just waiting to be noticed. We have our middle school love and that almighty high school senior prom love. That this is the one that shall be you’re everything the rest of your life. The college frat loves because they just get it. And then consuming love when you know that the smile is just for you which leads you down the aisle of wedded bliss.

Each and everyone one of these can be love, is love and then again a seeking of love that one feels deep within that never goes away.

Everyone feels, knows, seeks, sees, gives, receives love everyday and everyday the very same, questions love…

Can love be described with just a few words? I find that hard to believe as to me there is a never ending quest of love, to even those who say they are in love, still seek.

Love is such a mystery, love is the essence in which you are born, love is the very center of your being as it is the connection that shall never leave or go away but is as illusive as yesterdays memories. We are all taught love through one source or another, sometimes that love is not displayed with the purest of heart or intention which then leads to a mixed up understanding of love. It’s a generational thing that is passed down through history from one generation to another. Some seek love as a way of finding love within their own self and some seek love from another when there is no love to be found.

A fairy existence of love within the confines of energies displayed with matching energies that bring two souls together. Love is something so rare and pure that we hold it close within us…waiting…waiting for that same connection that same pull of recognition.

When we have been in love we find ourselves dreaming, fantasizing about all that is love. Love that is shown to us through our upbringing, through media, through pictures, films, images, books, suggestions, experiences and nowadays pure social media. Lost hearts seeking love, first time gushy love, rescue me love, healing love, mixed media love, love, love, love that it finds one confused to say the least.

Is it love, is it lust, is it gratefulness, is it convenience…is it meeting mutually agreed upon? Two souls coming together in love and ready…ready for what? A life together, a journey that no one else has ever had or will have?

I find when we live this life and we have experienced these feelings that we have journeyed with for so long that we have still not answered the question of what love is. We bottle love, we advertise love, we slander love, and we broadcast it without ever knowing love. Well, we know it is what we have been told, shown or demonstrated, what we dream within the confines of our mind. But still love is so elusive that we ignore the true meaning, search and quest to be one with love.

Please understand a child being born and placed into your arms is love…a love so pure that nothing can take that moment of time from you. And then too, there are children born each day that do not know that moment of time when they are born. A furry friend looking at you with those beautiful eyes and your heart melting is a love that is pure of heart. And how many times has that same look been just passed on by?

You see every living being is seeking, every living soul is searching…all seeking and searching from where they know love to be. And that is what has been taking from each one…LOVE.

Love is who you are, love is what you are, love is you!

You are love, so why seek it within someone else?… You are love so why hide from it?…You are love so why lock it up without ever sharing the key?

Before you were born unto this world you are love, you are residing in such love that you look upon this world and think that you can be delivered here and you shall survive because you are love. And then you are born here and you find that the same love which is you is not what is given to you, not what is demonstrated to you and it is very confusing…you cry, you cry out and know one understands so they soothe you the only way they know how…by saying I love you…but you feel it deep inside that the words do not match what you know to be love, so you cry out again, and you get to the point where you start to be acclimated to the love that is to taught to you, to be love. You get used to it, you feel confused by it but you have adapted to it. Your journey of love is what you live each moment here, good, bad or indifferent, because that is now your meaning of love too. So you seek that which will take you away to live out that love. A meeting of two hearts that must be right as it feels like that first love that was shown to you. Many shall find this,  and many shall find that the illusion that they have set up for themselves fades away to another emotion, but not that of love.

This is why when you meet someone and you fall in love, everything is wonderful beautiful magical. They can do no wrong, they are perfect in everyway, you look pass a few flaws here and there, you will say anything to not hurt their feelings and little by little their imperfections of reality start to come through your senses and you start to understand that they are not this magical being of love. But a real live person with faults the same as you, the fuzzy warmth wears off and the disagreements begin. The learning stages of accepting that this person is an individual too. But hey, that’s life and they do not seem that bad after all. But still love is a word that has many meanings but where is the true love?  Do we set ourselves up by watching all the love stories at the movies with happily ever endings? As these movies are someone else’s interpretations on what love is or what we want to believe love is. Have you ever wanted the movie to continue past the ” I do” to see how life materializes once the fuzziness wear off? You can’t because  you would then find that they are just characters too, they are people just like you and I and that does not sell tickets.

We seek the love in which we are born of, a love so pure and rare that we seek it with every breath we breath, every moment we live we are seeking that love and we shall not find it until we understand that what we are seeking has been and always will be within us. And until we love, learn to love in the purest of ways, we will always be seeking from someone else that love.

We have been shown that love has no gender or color, love has no pre-disclosed agendas, love has no meaning unless you are love and then the greatest of Love awaits you, Love is within the heart, mind, body and soul…Love awaits….


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie



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