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You are a Star !

Welcome Soul Star Pr Agent 


Are you ready to be a Star? Of course you are, and that is why you have been guided to Adele Marie! Congratulations!

A Message from our founder Adele Marie

HI Angel, I am so excited to work with you and Congratulations for taking the step to create a New You and to take your self to the next level! We all need assistance in life as we grow not only in who we are, but in our spiritual professional journey. I love my work, I love my clients and what I do and I am going to share all of that with you as we work together in getting your name out into the universe and world! I have numerous strategies and proven areas of the business world to do just that. It will take acceptance on your part to know you are amazing in all ways. Once we connect I will put my Soul Star team to work on you and your spiritual business profile .  We will access where you are right now in life and work, and then work out a great PR spiritual platform for you. So until we meet or talk on the phone, I look forward to welcoming you to your journey within the Soul Star PR family!. Angel Hugs .

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie




Shortly you will receive an email from Adele Marie.

Once you answers the questions below,  please send them to us thru email, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

We ask that you send us a recent photo head shot & full body shot ( this does not have to be a professional pictures)

Once we contact you, we will be arranging an in-person visit with Adele Marie or personal telephone call. This will depend if you live in the close proximity to Adele Marie’s office or if you are out of state.

Adele Marie has represented numerous clients and has assisted them with The Angelic Wise Ones guidance to further their career in the most miraculous ways. We work very hard to assist you in your professional career move and Adele Marie will know exactly what platform of media  to take you to the top of the Universe. In this understand she will be targeting your audience and at the same time working with you to polish you , to inspire you, to lead you thru the ins & outs of climbing the stairway of the Higher Consciousness to bring you more exposure and clientele. This will be done in full collaboration with your highest interest and confidentiality utilizing her guidance .

Below you will find a few questions, we ask that you copy & paste these along with you answers, and send them to us at: adele@angelicwiseones.com    Subject line: attn:  Soul Star Agent

We ask that you please make a list of what you are doing right now in your profession.

Have you worked with an Agent before?

Where do you wish to succeed?

In what areas are you looking to grow?

Do you have an established clientele base?

What Social Media platforms are you currently using? ( Please list all that you are using and the URL address for them)

What area are you located?

Have you used a film format or podcasting?

Have you written anything for the public viewing audience?

Can you travel and have you traveled before for your spiritual work?

Can you travel?

Do you work a separate full-time job?

How much time do you put into your spiritual self/profession?

How long have you been in your spiritual practice/profession?


Congratulations once again for investing in your abundant & beautiful Soul!



All work created, written, recorded & channeled by Adele Marie of Angelic Wise Ones®

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