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12 Things you need to know about Meditation

Hi Angels ,

I receive numerous emails about Meditations and whether  it would be good fro the body, mind and spirit the way everyone says it is….Yes, Yes, and Yes…

I think I would be lost without Meditation as you will see some of the main reasons Meditation is needed in your daily routine. To get you started , think about the advantages with the 12 Meditation needs below. Have fun, relax and enjoy the journey to a New and Positive You!

12 things you need to know about meditation

1) Meditation can be done for ten minutes and as long as/up to four hours at a time and then even more.

2) Meditation is the passage way to release stress in your life.

3) You do not need to empty your mind to be that where nothing exist.

4) Meditation opens doors within yourself to work out what you do not understand.

5) When meditating say a prayer to begin and allow everything to follow.

6) Meditation is a great way to relax and enjoy your life.

7) Meditation is what you are doing as you say your prayers.

8) Meditation is older than any known book on life.

9) Meditation in one essential key to learning Mediumship.

10) When in meditation simply be aware of your breath.

11) Meditation can give you your life back.

12) Meditation can bring you to a state of healing.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

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