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Soul Star PR is coming your way…

Everyone has those times when they are not sure how to get them selves out there in the Public Eye. Are you a Star? Need an Agent that has your best interest at heart and can get you the spotlight and clients?   Soul Star PR is now taking applications!

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Independence of Freedom July 4, 2016

Independence of Freedom July 4, 2016   Independence of what allows you to be chained to the thinking processes, to the inability to allow yourself freedom of being you. When we look at who we are we find that little voice inside that says “ I am here” why then, have we allowed this precious […]

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Life Still Rolls On….

No Matter who you are or what you do, life rolls on. No matter whether others love you or not, life rolls on…     The energies right now are showing you on so many ways where you stand within the world and those around you. Whether it is to say here I am or good […]

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Back in the Recording Studio & Writing World

Back in the Recording Studio & Writing World   Woo Hoo….Yes, When it rains it pours as they say and the Angelic Wise Ones® have been guiding me along the way in the most loving and wondrous of times. Books, books, books, we have three new manuscripts that are being put forth as I write […]

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The 12 things you need to know About Angels

Sometimes we just need to know… My Love for Angels started at a very young age. Seeking something more…Over my lifetime whenever I had a question or thought, a prayer or needed a friend they would appear. At first there would be a swirling of lights like a swarm of fireflies all around me in […]

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