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Back in the Recording Studio & Writing World

Back in the Recording Studio & Writing WorldA writing book


Woo Hoo….Yes, When it rains it pours as they say and the Angelic Wise Ones® have been guiding me along the way in the most loving and wondrous of times. Books, books, books, we have three new manuscripts that are being put forth as I write to get out the door to you by the end of the year and as we do…we have guided meditations too.

I have been asked over the years where my new guided meditations are. Well, if you have been visiting with us on Thursday nights you would have been enjoying those guided meditations with everyone else…lol…(sorry I just had to add that in and my students know why) believe me I understand, as I have missed recording them too. We finally found a new energy to work with to record, so I am back and recoding like never before and my wish is that you will enjoy every last one of them. I know as Walking with the Blessed Mother is one of your favorites, as well as mine, and this time around Mother is here once again guiding you to her journey.

I am excited as the energies grow stronger this means that in these guided meditations so to will you grow as never before. From Mother to mystic destinations to awareness, the fairy realms and Ascended Masters, golden doors and illuminated keys, to really understanding the worth of meditating, I am getting it all done and we are revved to go.

I have so much to share with you as we are not just writing and back recording guided mediations but so much more…Power Year here and we have so much to do!

If you have been a fan of my published book “ The Visionary Messenger” then you are going love what I did to it. I have totally changed the whole structure so that I may continue with another long awaited manuscript which you are going to really love. That shall bring us along with my book with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru. Such an eye opening Amazing journey to share. Since growing in this energy as a much devoted mom and grandmother I have enjoyed my time with all my children and family. Their energies open the doors to bring in the elements in a unique way. First I have changed the cover and my name on The Visionary Messenger (Woo Hoo) yes, I do have a name…lol…but everyone has known me for so long by my married name that when I changed back to my maiden name it threw everyone off…lol…and that is okay as it is as it is to be. So all of my publishing’s shall be as my Mom would always call me “Adele Marie”. I think that is easier and the energy is much purer, loving and clear than ever before.

I know you are going to love these books and Guided Mediations as much as I do

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie


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