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Grateful Life of Blessings


We have many things to be grateful for in life ….just a few thoughts that run thru our minds everyday.

The biggest one is seeing the smiles of the little ones of heart when you are able to assist them when no one else seems to be there.

That is what life is about, bringing a small gift of love, appreciation, honor and peace during the stressful holiday time. Please open your heart this holiday time and think about someone who may be going thru that which you have never known, that which one day you too may be facing. We all want a Merry time to be with family and friends and sometimes we do not seem to notice if everyone is enjoying their time too.  Days catch up with us, work gets crazy, our list keep getting longer and longer and next thing you know the time is at hand. Be consciously aware as you travel to those who catch your eye. As God works thru each of us in amazing ways.

Have a safe day and Peace be with You…

Love, laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones® 

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