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2015 March Energies

Dimensional Portals are opening sky high and wide with Love & Joy for all…Allow yourself to leave all the uncertainties of life & love behind…close the doors to re-own all that you are, here and now…The energies for the next couple of days are right where they need to be to surpass all that you have been allowing yourself to over come… any and all disharmonies that have been weighing you down, that have been driving you crazy with thoughts upon thoughts, all things that are in disharmony with your own knowing… all the thoughts that you carry within your mind, body and soul that you know is not really you or serving you in the best interest of who you are… these thoughts need to be disowned by you here and now….

This is a powerful time for all of us as we move thru this month of March…As they say the winds of March shall carry you thru…well……… allow the energies of March to do what it does best…Carry You in Love & Joy. LLL, A

 And with that, we have a special gift if you read this post to email us and to receive a 1 hour private reading with Adele for 1 individual at 125.00. That is half off and never before has she offered this special gift…but then again March is her birthday so she likes to share gifts all around…. Just email us with the Code; March B-Day to receive this very Special Special… P.S.s.s.s. This gift Special only  last until the end of this week on Sunday March 21, 2015 .

Enjoy the Love that is here for all and have a very Special Day!


In Peace & Gratitude,  The Angelic Wise Ones®


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