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Base Cooking with Adele Marie

Okay now we are talking… Yummy Goodness


This is an experiential workshop meaning all hands on deck as Adele Marie is going to show you and teach you how to cook on a dime when you have no other power source. Or Base cooking. Grab your fork and spoon as she shows you what you minimally need to cook outside. You may think that it is easy since Adele Marie is doing it (smile) but there is an art to cooking over the fire as you found out during your Fire Workshop! But having the right essentials to do the job right is an art in motion. Adele fires up the cast iron cooking supplies and her secret grill, along with herbs, spices and other yummy ingredients.

This is a workshop that will delight your senses and tickle your belly for more!



Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm

Location: Millersville, Maryland

Empowerment: $135.00 *($25.00 a nr-deposit required at time of registration).

Includes: Fun, Action, Adventure, Food!

NOTE: Depending on weather, please dress appropriately.

Please email PEG at adele@angelicwiseones.com for any food allergies you may have!


Base Cooking with Adele Marie

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Base Cooking with Adele Marie


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