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Vehicle Emergency Bag & Box

If you do not already have a well supplied vehicle Emergency Bag, then you have come to the right place.

So much stuff to have with you any season/time of the year.


When an emergency is upon us we tend to react right then and there. Adele has been using her VEBB forever. Its always available and with her as she sets out on the road traveling. She is sharing her tried and true VEBB with you now for you never know when life calls yo to action too!

New Year, New You ! better prepared, better knowledge, ever leave home without your VEBB! Wait did we say Box? That’s right, we also said Box. Now what could she mean by that? Well I guess you shall see for yourself when you join Adele Marie this night !

Date: Sunday, February 16, 2020

Time: 10:00 pm. to 1:00 pm.

Location: Millersville, Maryland

Empowerment: $125.00 *($25.00 a nr-deposit required at time of registration).

Includes: Bag or Box or Supplies to create your EVBB ( Let’s see what she chooses) 


Vehicle Emergency Bag & Box

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