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Choices we make

Choices…everyday we make choices from the time we rise to start our day to the time we fall asleep…from that which we eat, to that which we say…our day is all about the choices we make in one way or another, and that is your right to be able to make the choices you live.  Whether the person next to you makes a different choice with what they choose throughout their day, it is their choices.

Just know the journey in which you walk is not the same as another, for that is what makes you uniquely your own person.  Your thoughts, deeds and actions create the world in which you live and has a powerful effect upon you and those around you. You open new doors and at the same time you close the doors that no longer have any value to you. This happens over and over again throughout your life. You are growing, your are learning, you are experiencing what you are here to experience.

It’s Your Journey

Be mindful to not judge another for their choices along their way…as you should never be judged for the choices you make… This path of life is not always an easy one to walk…

As I always say: “no one can live your life, if they are truly living their own”

…Have a Blessed Day Angels…..


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie


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