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Due upon Arrival- Monday

We have our New October Newsletter coming your way on Monday…

Here are some highlights …………….

A New energy is stirring up all around us, an unfolding, for that which has been tucked away, is being exposed in everyway. Think back to what you have left behind and know it is presenting itself to you once again…Happy Friday…May you know all things good shall come back to those who have found goodness in their heart to share with many and to those who do not think you belong, look within and you shall find your goodness in which you have tucked away laughing and smiling waiting for you to notice its a bright and beautiful day!….LLL, A

Spirit Talk Time in Ellicott City…grab your cup and lets talk Spirit!

Thankful Holiday Special starting November 1, 2014

Thru the Universe with Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru


Have a Happy Friday and Angel Hugs to You!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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