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They are coming home

Good Morning Friday, at 5 am you woke me up to see your beauty, I could hearing you calling my name when all I wanted to do was keep on praying…your attention is duly noted as the knock came to my door… a little girl was lost and could not find her way…she said “God sent me to you to find my way along this empty highway and here I am upon your door as we know you can see and hear us with an open heart” smiling as she stepped back from my door…I looked out past her and what do I see, a long line of souls waiting patiently…each one a bright spot of light, illuminating everything is sight. I welcomed them in and got right to it…hugging each one and placing them where they needed to be to see clearly they too are love, they too and peace, they too are treasured souls of all before and all after…and they too are the little ones that we have sought for so long… They are here to find their loved ones among us from all those who have given up hope of ever being found…. From the prayers coming in, please know you too shall find your loved one…they are not gone, but just waiting for you to open your heart and believe….God has a message not just for me…but for you too…They are happy, healthy and whole…waiting for you to open your soul, to respond in kind to all you know, listen to your soul as your soul knows. Your loved one has found me and I am sending them home to you!…………..Happy Friday and Good Morning…


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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