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Ringing in the New Month of October 2014

Hi Angels,


What a great month we are headed into and this weekend has been a blast, As I have started a New Development class that filled up as fast as I printed the details. Going into last night we had a Great Spirit Speaks Message Circle…the messages were flying with Spirit and it was awesome!…Today we are moving right along with my Kundalini Reiki Workshop and as I sit here and type, the students are coming in the door, so I have to run and teach this powerful energy workshop.

Make this month of October work for you, not against you with Mercury Retrograde…remember it is all about finishing up with everything you put aside…Treat someone to a nice day by calling them up to go out for lunch, especially if you put it all on hold for too long…and watch the dynamics of energies make it a powerful lunch indeed!

Have a wonderful day and see you all soon!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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