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Healing the intimate you

Healing the Intimate You…by Adesea lovele Marie

Don’t you think its time to get intimate with yourself? We allow everyone and everything to get so close to us that when we need that breath of fresh air, we can then become so unglued as to not understand what is going on. Intimately your not as connected with yourself as you have always thought you were. The journey to rediscover the authority within yourself self is a journey to get intimately involved within yourself.

What is wrong with understanding that everything we swallow when it comes to our own self is acceptable? we see ourselves thru the eyes of everyone else, but not thru our own eyes. I mean when is it okay to just say it is okay to be sick? When we go about our days, we are ingesting so much negative junk that after a while our bodies, minds, soul, heart start to feel the impact . Moreover as it feels the impact, it then starts to manifest in our bodies at what ver location the emotion is attached to. We live each day as the creation of everyone around us, we absorb so much from each individual believing it all to be true as we are to afraid to intimate within our own self.

Emotional and Mental wellness is so important to me and it should be the number one thing in your life when it comes to your health and body. My students will tell you one of the most dreaded words they will ever hear me say to them is Journaling. I do not say these words for my own enjoyment, but for the health and wellbeing of every individual living in this World we live each day. Especially when I see the results of said journaling.

Look this is what happens to the physical body from daily activities and continually being dumped on each day by those around you, by the environment, by your environment. It start to get congested with so much negative emotions that the body then starts to be weighed down with so much sludge the individual starts to get emotional in major ways. Right now there are 8 out of 10 individuals in this world many you know, who are depressed, and for what reasons? Most do not believe they want to live any longer, most will start to drink alcohol or become a heavier drinker than before, most will be a secretive depression; those who will let the world know they are just fine, but inside they are an emotional and mental wreck just waiting to explode, and then there are those who are so depressed that they do not see it the way we do, as they will continually go shopping or buy things that do not mean anything to them. Because at that time they needed whatever it is they wanted so badly to make them happy, what they find is that it is a temporary happiness and as soon as they buy that item or two, they need to go out and buy something else again. This is a vicious cycle for them as they will also be dumping what they believe their own cause of problems are, on someone else so they may not take the responsibility for. They fear the intimacy of getting to know the real individual who resides within their body and mind. A belief structure that was handed down over many generations for them to absorb and acclimate to over their lifetime.

I see it so much over and over again; this energy we are experiencing is getting so strong that most individuals do not know what is happening as they are living through it, as it is happening. The emotions one holds onto in their day to day life can build to the power of a huge locomotion storming down the tracks with out any brakes to stop the impact.

The reason I always will say and have been for years… is that Journaling is one of the most effective ways of healing your body is that this is the time you are going to get intimate with yourself. And as you get intimate with your self, you will get intimate with the God self, and as you get intimate with your God self you will get intimate with God. Do you really have an intimate relationship with God? We all know there has been one form or another of the religious aspect of God and your religious upbringing with God. But do you really know God?

God is an omnipotent source that is that part of us that there is no denying that lives in each one of us. God is that which we all strive to be on many different levels. Gods is that all powerful source of energy that each one of us strives to touch as we move along in our existence here on Mother Earth and with that all powerful source of energy there is Love. Love that each one of us is searching for on one level or another in our lives. As we are born into this world we are all searching for one thing and that is love, the love that only God is, which in turn is you. As we journal we are all giving to God that which we know within us to be our truth and as we give this truth over to God, we are building a true relationship to God and as we do this we are touching the source of God which is Love.

So many individuals will search for what they believe is love. And they will go through their own search in so many ways. Young teenagers who are having a hard time at home because no one understands them, school grades are okay, but we all know they can be so much more. This young teenager then seeks out the source that will give them the love they believe they are craving. Because of the emotional and mental healing that is needed and this not being understood, they will turn to alcohol, drugs, relationships and yes, even pregnancy. You see this fulfills to them the need of being loved as they believe no one understand them. With alcohol and drugs this helps them to forget, forget that they are not loved and helps to disguise the hurt they are going through., it allows the to escape from what they are hiding from. With the pregnancy, this lets them believe they will be in charge that they will love this baby as they are not loved and yes ,this baby will love them as no one else does. With all three factors they are seeking love and do not know how to express these feelings to be given the love they are in need of. As they move along this path they find that the feelings that the alcohol or drugs give them just makes them more desperate to find that love as they sink further into the world of alcoholism or drugs. And with a pregnancy they find it is much harder to have a child and how are they going to be able to afford the child as they watch all of their old friends moving on with their lives. They sit back to watch the world go by and most times realize that the child did not bring them the love they are seeking, so they will start the cycle all over again in their search. This then brings about awareness of them to others as they take out their own frustrations on the child that they said they would love, for they are finding they need their own time to grow up also. Is this pattern one that is live dover and over again within our society? We see it everyday and we reach out to give a hand and hope that hand is then grabbed to know there is so much more than what is before them all they need to do is get intimate with their own feelings, their hurts, fears, wishes, pain, misrepresentation of thoughts that were laid out to another. No one seems to take the time to really listen, not hear mind you, but listen to those around them. Everyone is trying to get the other side to listen to their side of the story while they are negating and not listening to it themselves.

I can keep writing about all the probabilities of what then shall take place but, I think you understand the cycles which can keep growing. No matter what goes on in these individuals lives there will come a time that their emotional and mental healing will need to be addressed, we all pray it is sooner than later. For these are only a few examples of what is going on in lives around us each day. You see so many individuals go through so many different types of reactions in their search for Love. It may be the wife who is feeling no love, attention or understanding from the spouse or partner. So much time has passed by that there has been any emotional or physical attention and they will start to seek it outside the relationship. Note: this can be one on a conscious or sub-conscious level. This individual then finds a little bit of joy and laughter as they are now starting to get attention from someone else, they are starting to feel better about themselves and then they decide that it is time to move on from their relationship at home to this new relationship they are building. After the torn up emotions of the move away from their home life they put so much time in this new relationship and as they do this, most times they find they have gone from one situation to then be in the same type of situation, but with another person. And then they cannot understand what happened. What happened is they did not address the emotional and mental side of the healing they truly needed, they did not get intimate within themselves, instead they just pushed it aside to forget and move on as if there is nothing wrong with them it is the fault of the one that would not listen. And then there are those times when we do sit and listen, we listen so much it is the same song and dance over and over again. And you find that no matter how hard you work to listen the giver just will not listen, oh, they hear you, but believe within their own mind that everything is good, to keep up with it, to keep it going just as it is. The pattern in which they have already created keeps you locked into the vortex of energies where this plays out over and over again that sooner or later you will just give up and give in. But you have done so, so many times that when the light starts to break through and reveal to you have been down this road before with the same results …its time to get intimate within yourself to understand why.

That is why it is so important to journal. To take the time to invest in your own self and your emotional and mental healing. Do we know what emotional and mental healing is all about? Some do, some do not. Emotional and mental healing is taking the time to invest in your own healing. Getting intimate as I said with you, not anyone else but you. So many individuals would come to me for a healing session, and every time they do they hear the same thing from me. No matter what the healing modality I use with you, you will need to take the time to also assist in your healing with Journaling. I once had a young man e-mail to say he wanted me to use Reiki to completely heal him and that I must do it now, I advised him that Reiki will heal him, as long as he is also doing his part of the healing. That Reiki cannot do all of this alone by itself. If you are working with a trained Master Reiki Healer the individual will get what they need to begin the healing process and to assist them throughout the healing process, but they will still need to do their part in the healing process to be completely healed. Now this made him so mad. As he told me there are other Reiki healers he could go to but he chose me. I informed him that yes, he may choose to go to those other Reiki healers and I blessed him on his way. You see I have to be honest with my clients and I have to be honest with myself. I love Reiki, I am attuned to over 300 healing modalities, but we must be honest as the Reiki healer is a vehicle, in which the energy moves through to the recipient, the Reiki healer is not the one doing the healing, they are just a conduit. A true Master Reiki healer lives this and knows this, and is one who will allow the recipient to understand the healing process, the investment they too must make in their own healing process. So as you are allowing the Reiki healer to get intimate with you, you then in turn need to allow yourself to get imitate with yourself.

Journaling is your time and in your space to be alone with your own thoughts and to start the dialogue with God to release the emotional and mental pains that are within you. This is not a religious thing, this is a Spiritual thing. This is you committing to go beyond that which is there to be honest with yourself to give all to God to release that which holds you back to heal thyself. This then will bring you closer to God so that you may know the true God the one who loves you beyond measure. Your whole life will grow and open in new ways that you have never dreamed before. You will be at peace for the very first time in your life. You will love and be loved and you will know true Love that you are and have always been. When we release the emotions that have held us back for so long we are then free to be that which we are here to be.

When you first start to Journal you are going to be holding back some, you are going to tell yourself you do not know how to do this journaling thing. And you will fight an inner battle within yourself because you have always been programmed through society’s conditionings not to give over that which you need to give over. You have never before needed to do anything like this and do not know how to go about it. You do not really know how to get intimate with yourself this way. That is why we are here to assist you. You will subconsciously fight with yourself over what is the truth and how much to tell. You will get emotional- hence- emotional healing. You will get emotional and as you do you will want to run away from the emotions by saying “I already did this, I have forgiven everyone already, I understand that there was nothing anyone could of done, they did their best” …so many thoughts will run through your mind for you to be able to put down the pen or pencil so that you can just run away. How many times in your life have you ran away from something? Would it not be best to just go ahead and get this done so that you may never have to run away again? Yes, the pain of the emotional healing is something that no one wants to experience, but you have been experiencing the pain for so long in your life already that you have now dulled the pain to one of tolerance and acceptance that it is just a part of you. This is what I call the ego. So you have held onto it for so long and now the time has come that it is time to let go of it and as you do so, you are also letting go of apart of yourself. That has been with you for so long you do not recognize it any longer as not being you. This then is the ego and you will now be battling the ego to let go of what it is holding onto you for you to be able to have true peace, happiness and love. The ego will not like this and it will make you think of ways to not do the journaling, it will allow you to get comfortable and then the ego will create something that will give you the excuse not to continue with your journaling. I know, this happens all the time with individuals and it will likely happen with you too, that is why I am writing this for you to take note of. But please know if it was not important to do this journaling, this letting go of the emotional and mental pain within you, then your ego would not fight you so much, the ego does not want to be left out of your life, the ego does not want to be no longer there, because the ego is the one who has been covering you up all of this time, shielding you from your own self, setting up house and enjoying the blindness and now you will be left standing naked for the world and yourself to see and do you really want everyone to see you for who you are? Do you truly and honestly want to see for yourself who you truly are?It is very humiliating to have to look at your own life, all the choices that you made, all the stories that you told and the things that you have hidden from your own self, but it is humbling and beautiful to be able to just let go of it finally.

You see we are taught by society that it is not okay to be who we are; we must be that which society teaches us to be. So when it is time for us to stand up to be our authentic self. Society finds the way to put us in their own place of acceptance… which is nothingness. So that makes the individual not want to journal to heal their emotional and mental pain. Now if the world keeps this up we will find ourselves so far in debt to our souls that we will not be able to recover. And society will then keep swallowing us up whole with the genetic imprint pattern that has been going on since we made the choice to let is be so.

Yes the healing journaling process will be emotional; I will say this again, the healing journaling process will be emotional.

If you are journaling the truth straight from who you are, straight from your soul, being intimate in a way you have never before, then this will be emotional…because you are allowing all of this to finally come up to be healed, You are allowing yourself to be intimately naked to the truth of what the situation is and it is painful. This I will always tell you.

This is a journey I walked many, many years ago with Jesus and my Counsel of Angelic Wise Ones®. I had no teacher but those in the Spiritual Realms. I handed over everything to them, I journaled night and day and I gave so much of what my truths were so much of what the truth was that I was brought to me knees in humiliation and acceptance and then I was anointed with the Holy Spirit. This is the picture I was given by The Blessed Mother that I talk about in my books The Visionary Messenger and The Guided Journal. This was the most beautiful loving experience I could have ever given myself and that is what is to be shared with each of you, this loving experience to feel the love that you have always been searching for. To experience this anointing that is for each one of us. As you do this you will see who you truly are you will be able to then walk you journey, your path, here on Mother Earth and have that Love always within you wherever you are. To this then I say Welcome, your journey has just begun!

When we take the time to journal we are making an investment to ourselves, we are going to begin our journey and relationship with God. Remember we all know deep inside that God knows everything, knows everything that we are, have been and will be. God knows what has gone in our lives, God knows what we have been through, and God knows both sides of every story of the situations we been in. So there is nothing that God does not know so there is nothing that we need to hold back with when we are writing to God. It is up to you to be as honest and as truthful to yourself as you are writing to God. It is up to you to write what you know about your life and situations in your own words. And it is okay to write the anger you feel, the loneliness, the hurt and the pain that you have been holding onto, it is okay to write exactly what is in your heart. For the emotional healing may only begin with your honesty to yourself and God.

You see when we do not release all of this we will then be holding onto the emotional pain which then turns into emotional disease. You see for every emotion that is held within you that is not healed, it will then need to be released in one physical way or another with your body. When we look back on our friends, family, associates, co-workers, etc.. and we see them experiencing some major diseases we see where they have held onto their emotional and mental pain and it has manifested into form in their physical bodies. Because this is exactly what happens. When someone holds onto the emotional pain it will at first be released on the outer areas of their physical body, maybe a rash or bumps, eczema, or it will be released as arthritis, shingles, congestion, aches, pains and then from there it goes to the organs, from the organs it may and will manifest as cancer or another form of a disease.

Let’s look at the heart, when someone has a heart attack, this then lets me know they have been holding onto so much pain and attachments from other individual’s and situations in their life that the heart can no longer manage as it should be. The heart will need to release the pain, for which the recipient then has a heart attack. Take a balloon and fill it with your breath of air, as you are blowing this balloon up it has its fill point, but just keep filling it up, okay now keep filling it with more air…what happens? Getting a little scary as you know the balloon is going to burst if you keep going, you are bracing yourself for it any minute now…boom… right in your face the balloon has exploded and even though you knew it was going to happen you still were not prepared for the burst in your face as you have now filled it beyond its fill point. That’s what we do all the time when we hold onto our emotional and mental pain within our hearts, within our bodies, our hearts have their fill point before it cannot longer take it, no longer hold onto all the emotional and mental pain we live with each day. Now, the severity of the heart attach will depend on how much emotional and mental pain the recipient has held onto or suppressed when looking at what they have gone through with others in their life or what they were unwilling to release from the heart area or one of love, loving thyself. When one does not feel love, or feel that they deserve love, or has a lost love or has people they love or loved attack them all of the time, and they keep taking it into their hearts and minds as true or feel as if they did nothing to deserve it, somewhere the energies have to be released as it has gone way beyond the fill point. As they hold onto the pain and if it is not released, then the heart attack takes shape and will then be dispensed in the body it will all depend on how much of it has built up emotionally with the individual.

Let’s look at when someone feels they have been stabbed in the back, no matter what anyone else explains to them that they did not stab them in the back, the individual still feels that way. Then this attaches to the individuals psyche and connects up to their heart emotion and then the individual holds onto that for however long they feel it. This then will contribute to the heart attack as it has manifested in so many different scenarios to the individual. It is releasing whatever it is that the individual feels they have been attacked with that the emotion will then take form to manifest in the physical body. When someone loves another and that love is only given back in abusive words, actions, emotional and mental control, then this too is stored within the energies of not just the psyche but the heart. for it pains us to know that we have never been loved the way we loved. When we journal we are intimately writing all of our emotional feelings on these issues and others that will then be released from our physical bodies to then make it a clear and clean vehicle and that no emotional issues are present, which in turn means no physical symptoms may manifest into form to then be created as a disease.

Medical scientists are getting closer and closer to this everyday in their research and studies. You see all of this is all about Alchemical equations that I have been writing to you about. for years. All of this is for you to have a clean and healthy body to then be able to go out into Mother Earth to be that which you are meant to be. To live this life with so much love, joy and happiness to truly enjoy the experience to raise the conscious of Mother Earth the Divine Ascension process is here and will continue, you may be apart of that Ascension process or you may keep yourself behind and allow the disease to be with you. For me, I want to be the part that Ascends to greatest the omnipresent source that I may be. I have been anointed by the Holy Spirit and there is no going back for me. So let me share with you that which you need in your journaling process

So as I write in my journal I start it like this:

Dear Mother Father God, Thank you for this day and thank you for this day and all the gifts of this day ( I will then list the gifts that I know I see, feel, hear and sense).

Here you will begin to write your side of your story. Write what your heart is calling to release it from which it came, which is nothingness ( but that is another story), write what you have been holding onto for so long. It may be from an experience that happened when you were in grade school. It may be an experience that happened just yesterday. It may be with an situation that happened with your Mother, your father, a sibling, a best friend, spouse, partner, an experience with your church. Whatever you have been holding onto let go and give to God! Let go of all the hold it has on you that prevents you from living your life right now. Let go of all the fear that has held onto you. Be truthful in what you write, be intimate for the first time as you strip your emotional and mental self naked. As you let go, as you are being truthful and intimate with yourself, you will see there are two sides to every story (as we have been told many times in our life ) There are two sides of yourself , the one you display everyday to those around you and the one you only display to yourself and as you write you will then be able to see both sides of the story, both sides of you. You will then be able to start to see all sides of the situation that you lived though, you will be able to see why it all happened and you will be able to put all of this to rest… to be at peace with what the truth really, is no matter who is at fault. And as you write it will be emotional and you will feel the pain come up to be released , let it let go and allow the pain to surface to be released from you for ever more. As you allow the pain to be released you are letting go of the power, the power over all things that have ever been controlling you, holding you back, imprisoned you. All the fear will be released and let go of. All the censure, the blame, the guilt, the condemning, the humiliation which you have felt attached to you, that you have held onto for fear of letting go, will be released and you will be free!

And with this comes the forgiveness, allow yourself to truly forgive all individuals who are apart of this emotional pain and allow yourself to forgive yourself ! As you do this forgiveness you are giving all of this up to God. And as God takes this from you, you will be anointed with the Holy Spirit I promise you this, just as I was promised when I started this work I had so much Faith in those who were walking me through this. I gave all I could, I gave until I could give no more, I got intimate with myself, being totally honest with myself on all levels and I had Faith that what Jesus and my Counsel were walking me through would release me from the pain of my own doing, my own holding on to allow others my power. And on that last day when I gave all of my last resistance that I had up to God the sky opened up and the Holy Sprit descended on me and I cried my eyes and heart out… for the Love that I was surrounded in was that Love that each living being is searching from the time they are born to this world until the time they will transition home. The love they know in that minute whom they truly are, the love they so miss as they enter this world, that makes them seek it within every walking individual they meet. For the love that is so promised to us from the very beginning of time is given unto you right then and there. For being there with God at that time and knowing that I am not alone I AM that I AM is something no one may ever take from me, no one may ever give to me the doubts, the fears, then pain ever again , is truly liberating and beautiful . Knowing my faith in God will always and only be stronger and stronger with every breath I take. Knowing that I am in the Light of God for now and always.

In those next moments I was told by the Blessed Mother to get my camera and take a picture, for the Holy Spirit was giving to me the picture to share with others as that they too may know in their hearts of hearts that we are all one, we are never alone and we are love and we are all Loved.

Please take the time to invest in your own emotional hand mental healing of freedom, get intimate with yourself, journal out your thoughts, emotions, fears, joys, questions….learn a healing modality, visit a healer that has a clean energy, one that they have done their own healing and has no unresolved issues. Be the healing light to assist others. Share in everything you do. Be the Peace that you so crave.

Give the love that one needs as you meet them. Most importantly journal !

Love, Laughter & Light™ , Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2015 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®

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