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12 Things you need to know about your spirit guides & teachers

Adele -2The 12 things you need to know About Spirit Guides and Teachers that shall shed light on where you may have been confused or just feel as you do not getting it.

It is with much respect to those in the spiritual and ethereal realms that I give this very easy and basic 12 rules of understanding to you,  that shall bring your relationship stronger and closer than before. We can all say we have Spirit Guides, Angels and Teachers, but to truly know them you must understand that they are no different than you or I. They laugh, joke, have compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, experiences that they are with you and bring to you to share in each day.

Take a moment and allow these 12 rules of understanding to bring you closer to your Spirit Guides and Teachers.


12 Things you need to know about your spirit guides & teachers, by Adele Marie

1) They are with you per your soul contracts.

2) They will never tell you anything negative, harmful, fearful or rude.

3) They, just like you, have had previous physical lifetimes.

4) They are your very best friends.

5) They have so much insight, intelligence, understanding, and love to give to you.

6) They will not always interfere with what you are doing, as you have free will of choice, but they will give you signs in what direction you are going.

7) You have had many incarnations with them and you will discover this as you journey along your path in getting to know them.

8) Certain guides & teachers will come and go according to your lessons you are here to learn.

9) They always have time for you, even when you do not know it or ask it.

10) They will protect you in all ways when you ask and open doors for you.

11) You are a teacher & guide to them, as much as they are with you in this lifetime to teach & guide you in your journey.

12) They love you more than anything and want the best for you.


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright ©2015 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®

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