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Muffins and Messages™©

Join me each day for an insightful buzz into the real life of a Normal Visionary Medium, as each week I will highlight Muffins and Messages™© just for you. How fun and exciting to be living in todays times of seeing thru the doors beyond what your perceptions of a true normal Visionary Medium must be like.

You have questions, and I have the answers…. and that is all I Am going to say right now, but please join me for my Muffins and Messages™©…

ohhh.. a Highlight right now you say???… okay  all of these symbols you keep seeing, is because well…sometimes individuals like to steal my work because they do not know how to do their own work and find it much easier to take from those who do the work than to do it themselves. This work then goes straight to my attorneys to file to be submitted for copyright and trademarking with Angelic Wise Ones®… that’s a story that we will get to but for now I send you Angel Hugs™ of Love for a beautiful Day!


Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

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