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HI Angels,

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Happy Thanksgiving Angels and Welcome to all of our new subscribers and thank you to everyone one of you for being here with me as we travel this journey together. So much is going on as this months energies are amping us up, and getting us ready for the changing of energies as this years winds its way as we step out of the Truthful energies into the coming year of Disclosures.

November has been incredible as we have been placing our abundant energies all around us with the new moon that we had on the 11th. We still have a few more days to get in some great news and happenings. As you know the New Moon brings in some wonderful desiring energies for all that we are working on. And it is to have, not to want.. Which then leads us into the full moon in the last week of the month will likely be as some will say arduous and difficult, like a child throwing a temper tantrum to get attention and their own way. This is a time when you need to just sit back as your energies can be drained quickly if you allow it to overcome and pull you in. Unfortunately this means the energies starting around the 22nd of this month and will reign for days after bring us right to Thanksgiving time. What a way to truly see how thankful you are and how compassionate or chill you can be. As these days can cause more interruptions to you and those around you. So if you forget the dinners rolls do not sweat it, and if your guest are grumpy then give them a hug and some space. Remember do not take these things personal to yourself or you can then add into this energy and no one will be happy all the way around. So heads up and stay out of conflicts and you will sail right thru all of this that will be around us all. Thankful energies will be the uppermost to keep in mind as even though this is just one day of the year, thankfulness is a whole life progression of peace within your soul and love to all.

In saying this, this past year has had everyone seeing the divine connections of truthfulness in our lives and world. This energy ask for us to go deep within and see the light of truth in which we understand it to be. Everyday is a display of truth, truth with friends, family and associates that we are near and dear, truth with commodities, truth within our own grasp of not just those around us but deep within. We have been affronted on all levels within our lives and still we stand together in peace and love.

Do not bring hatred within you or allow the energies of war ruin your day, year or life. As many have always heard me say  ” the more you walk into the light, the darkness shall try to pull you back” and that dear Angels is what we are seeing these days. So many energies are asking if you are in truth with what you say and live or are you in denial of who you really are? Are you truthful in being a light among many and staying true to that light or are you just giving lip service to keep everyone around you happy?

When was the last time you trusted yourself to really look at your life?

Many reading his will say  “yes I have, and how much more can I do?” If that is the question and answer you ask then you need to do more. So many are afraid to really go deep within as they fear what they shall find. They fear they shall find something they do not want to see, look at or acknowledge. They fear that they shall discover something that everyone says is right about them, which then shows they are wrong in many ways. They fear they shall have to look at what they do not want to look at. They fear the truth shall be right in front of them and they are ashamed of that truth. They fear….

The list can go on with everything you can imagine to come up with. Fear is one of those words that has been instilled within us all for as long as we can remember, from fearing someone not liking you because you have a mind, choices or thoughts all your own, to those that we have been conditioned to accept from the moment someone taught us what is right and what is wrong. How do we really find out what is wrong if we have never done wrong ourselves? And is it wrong because it was labeled thru someone else’s journey and displeasure? I remember when one of my young daughters was idolizing her uncle and he hated onions. He taught her in turn to hate onions with him. From that moment on she would not allow an onion to move past her lips. ( get the feeling that hate loves company?) After many years I could not allow her to keep excluding something from her life with no experience whatsoever to draw from.  I sat her down with a delicious meal and after she had finished every last bite, I then told her what the ingredients were. The look on her face was priceless. She had to sit back and really think, really look within for the true reasons she did not like onions. ( the proverbial onion)  Her fear was that if her loving uncle hated onions so much then it must be worthy of her hate too, and he would then love her more if she agreed to hate with him. Lovingly to say… right now she is a big fan of onions and can move on from her predetermined notions and choose her own taste and feelings of all things in front of her. Her fear has no hold on her any longer.

When we allow a fear to take hold it travels that information highway to gather as much fear as it can. We believe that it is the truth, for would not our own fears be truthful to us when we need it? Fear has a way of becoming your very best friend and your worst enemy in life. To go beyond is to go within to see it for what it is…allowing yourself to look at all levels and peel back each one. 

Go within and find your own God Self, for there lies the truth of your being…and that my friends is the truth of all matters.

This of course leads us into the time of year of Disclosure and I will give you more on that as we enter December. 

We have so much coming up, keep reading my articles thru the links in this Newsletter to find your very own Angelic Wise Ones® Gifts and more waiting for you.


May you have a Beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday with your family, friends and Loved Ones !

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie


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