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Angelic Wise Ones® Newsletter September 2014

 Adele’s Welcome Message…


Welcome Angels,


Thank you so much for signing up to receive our Angelic Wise Ones® Newsletter…What a Gorgeous Day to get ready to send our New and fresh AWO® Newsletter as we say goodbye to our summer and move into fall. I am so excited as all of this freshness gives me the chance to keep in touch with all of you in a more intimate way that I am very proud of. Just like you, we have been waiting a long time to get started as everything right now is new, new and new. Even though we are at the end of September it is the still the perfect month for us to get back on the road to collectively bring you the Angelic Wise Ones® Newsletter once again. A time of renewal and a time of empowerment, and I am all about both of those, just as much as you.

You can still expect to receive up to date news on the energies at play in the Universe, Channeling from the Ascended Masters, classes, workshops and the latest energetic events along with my Spirit Speaks Galleries and Spirit Speaks Message Circles sure to enlighten your heart and soul. I have so much to share and I am very excited to bring it all to you. And if you haven’t already, check it out, I am offering not only my Personal Private Readings but also my Soul Aura Private Readings, which I have heard thru the grapevine are pretty awesome.

This month we have seen some highs and lows and it is then, all in how you look at all of it. The energies right now are very powerful as we end the summer and bring on fall; remember it is all about mind, body and soul of who we are as spiritually loving individuals living in this world right now. So it does not matter what you do in life, how you make your living, or who you are we are, everyone is affected by the energies at play. We have many choices in what to do with each one and they are all up to you to be apart of as many disclosures and exposures are everywhere.

Discernment is one of those words that we each have to be fully aware of as we move thru life. And with all of these energies trying to bring us lower than low, we must be aware and utilize our own perceptions with the highest of positive energies that there is. Why allow yourself to be brought down when it is the same ole same ole over and over again. In meaning… low energies will do whatever it can to get your attention to steer you away from the brightness of your journey. It is to recognize this and then move away from the attention seeking lowness to move within your world. And then too, recognize and be aware of all around you, see it, feel it, understand where it is coming from and where it can potentially take you, so then you can see why I say all of this. It is okay to sit back and laugh as the energies of lowness try to tug you away from your own heart and mind. The laughter dispels and breaks the energy up and then you move thru it with so much more love, grace and ease.

So if you find yourself at the drawing board asking “what in the world just happened?” Then go ahead and take inventory of everything you have been walking in for the past few weeks and months. All of your words, deeds and actions that leads you to questions yourself and the answer is right before your eyes. All it takes is to slow it down and look around you and your environment. I have seen people complain about the company of friends they hang around with, but they make no real effort to change said company. With this energy of September leaving us right now, it has all been about leveling off. As we have not been in this energy for years, it may seem foreign, but not. Think about what that means. To be leveling off, is to be on a flat plain, to be on a flat surface that does not go in any one direction, but just stays right there where it is. Like when you play the game of marbles, you take your marbles and place them on the ground or board and each marble then rolls out a little ways to its own destination and then stops. It is then up to you with your power marble in hand…carefully aiming and then making your move to get the marbles rolling in the direction you are seeking to win the game. As you can see, so too are the energies waiting for you to make up your mind and go in one direction or the other. And I have to laugh as many are finding themselves on the very tip of launching their power marble, holding on tight and not understanding in what direction they are to go. Teetering on the very edge about to give it all a go, but in what direction? Decisions…decisions…decisions…

If you allow me to assist you, think about this…

The decision is already made up in your heart and your body, mind and spirit are urging you to give it a go, but you hesitate. Okay, so let me ask you what is the worst that can happen? Because right now that little person inside of you is there for a reason, that little person inside of you knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what you can and will do. Why go against all that is rooting for you? Because all that is rooting for you is your own soul self that place that is deep inside that is filled with love, power, strength and knowing. Your own personal cheer team. And think about it, you have been there before, your soul is just cheering you own to get there sooner rather than later as many times before. So shrug off all the thoughts about everyone else’s opinions and claim your power from within and this energy will see you thru it all. And please do not think there may not be adjustments along the way, that is all of the years and years worth of other individuals low energy that has kept you enthralled in their stuff to miss out on a whole lot of living. Think about it at least you know it going into it so as the little bumps come along you can acknowledge it for what it is and keep moving with your head up and looking forward!

Now we have so much going on here at Angelic Wise Ones® that is has been a wonderful year and things are starting to get even more exciting, so stay tuned we have so much to share with you. The only place we can go from here is up…up…up….in the heavens with the Angels… So that is where we shall be as we thank you for joining us on this journey. No matter who you are, where you are in this lifetime, we are all here working, laughing, loving, assisting, and enjoying every moment together. We have new classes, workshops and events, which are just getting started with more Angelic energies waiting for you to join us. And speaking of joining us, catch me on my Instagram at AngelicAdele and /or Face Book at Angelic Wise Ones® page to share Spirit Talk Time with you. Catch all the details there and cheers to you! Now, seeking a place to just sit and deliver messages, then stop on by with my Spirit Speaks Message Circles, and more importantly register for the Nights of Channeling classes and workshops to keep your energies rising higher as we finish out this year of the Holy Trinity Energies.

I have so much more to share with you and look forward to checking in with you next month in October, so to keep you abreast of everything do not forget to check my Recent Post and Updates on my website’s homepage for any new and exciting moments about to happen.


Until next time, we thank you, we love you and we bless you in the Angels arms of tender care. Knowing they are always there to remind you of whom you are and that Angels really do walk with us everywhere…..


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®


Entering into Mercury Retrograde

Many individuals end up launching forward carefully orchestrating at trying to be a part of everything and anything without any real commitments and at the same time so energetically connected they start to feel the sting of the energies around them. Emotions, emotions, emotions… Well you either are going to finally get on the bus and enjoy the ride or the emotions are going to be fighting you all the way. Now the cool part is that the giver of intelligence which we know as Mercury Retrograde is just about upon us. Now I say a giver as so many times individuals go on about the polar effects of Mercury Retrograde, but they forget to mention that Mercury Retrograde also is assisting everyone ( yourself included ) to complete that which you have been putting off. In this case, if all of your friends actually got caught up with everything they have not got around to finishing during Mercury Retrograde, then you my friend, may just be the recipient of their attention, their generosity, their gratefulness, their abundance, their love, their acceptance, their answers, etc.. See how this shall be a wonderful gift given back to you? And remember to apply that to yourself also; are you in need of catching up on your correspondence with a friend? Did you forget to return that baking dishes to your neighbor? As you return their baking dishes how about baking something yummy to give as you return their dish? All of those newspapers that have been hanging out in the corner…maybe a friend or family member has a garden that they could use all of your newspapers in the compost or as mulch? The list goes on and on and I know you catch my drift with all of this. Moreover, as you are giving back gifts, so too does the Universe always gives back to you.

Mercury Retrograde is a time of contemplation, did you know that? Why yes of course and it is all about steadying your course and plan of action. But if you have not already been looking into all of this remember…what you put into place before Mercury Retrograde arrives is all the wonderful things that you can enjoy and do as Mercury Retrograde is her with us. Just remember to hold off on anything new, wait to begin all of that until afterward Mercury Retrograde has run its course, but as we see it, go inside and think about all the things you have been meaning to do but life and time just got away with you. Sit down, have a cup of tea or juice and go within to realize the beauty that has been put aside as you have other things that have been on your mind and then allow all of this to come forward. Revisit ideas, plans, friends, and family members that you have meaning to catch up with. All of those recipes and “to do” lists ideas that has been pinned to your Pinterest wall that you know can go ahead and start cooking and building. Take a moment to give to yourself the joy of knowing everything you have accomplished so far in your life. Give yourself Angel High Fives and instead of dreading Mercury Retrograde, lets put Mercury Retrograde to work for and with you and breeze right thru this Mercury Retrograde time of year.….


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®



 Mediumship & Spiritual Development Class


Begins Friday Nights – October 3, 2014 at 7:00 Pm.

Register Now

Due to the high demand of individuals seeking to be apart of Adele’s weekly Mediumship & Spiritual Classes, Adele has been guided to open her doors once again just for you. This course is an intensive hands-on development classes working with Adele as she walks and guides you through all that you need in your Mediumship & Spiritual development. This Mediumship & Spiritual Development is a series of 9 weekly classes that will include every facet of learning with Adele as she walks you through your higher learning of the Spiritual realms.

Check it out here in detail…


Energy Attunements

Every third Thursday of the month Adele offers a specially selected energy attunement with you in mind flowing with the energies of the month. Adele walks you thru a guide visual meditation to do in the comfort of your own home or at her place. Each month is different an unique for more details email :



Spirit Talk Time™ with Adele

Just a heads up Angels !

This is the time of year when the energies are at one of its highest levels. Take time out with Adele over a cup of tea, coffee, water or juice at her local coffee shop for Spirit Talk Time…Get caught up, share the news, ask questions, relax and enjoy. Adele will also catch everyone up on her latest manuscript and recordings.

Come on out and let’s talk Spirit and allow the messages to flow!

Follow Adele’s Instagram at AngelicAdele and Facebook : Angelic Wise Ones for the exact locations. You may just be gifted with a few messages….

See you soon…Angel Hugs!

Talking about it here…



Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

 by Adele Marie

The equalitarian of knowledge

Well you did not think you could not hear from my presence again in your lifetime, did you not? I am very pleased to have been with you from the beginning and shall be here till the end. To those whom have loved and been warmed by my company I am all that you seek in the knowledge that is laid out before you to ascend on your Planet of Mother Earth. I am Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru. As you have given to us the Brotherhood of Light is with you and as our energies continue to grow during your time upon your Planet of Mother Earth, we reside in numerous numbers coming before you as we wait, just as your grandfathers and those before them. Waiting for you to sit upon our knee to listen and digest the importance of the words we give freely to you. As I for one am joined by many that have been here with you in your journey. Our voices are heard and our voices shall be forever more those that speak of times before and times that shall be.

The mere thought of endless possibilities to contend with in such a young life you lead upon your Planet of Mother Earth is commendable and folly all in the same breath in which you live. And so as it begins anew it is to be a part of and how to play out the intersection from which you have found yourself upon.

Well then shall we begin… It is teaching the equalitarian of knowledge to move forth from that which it is being experimented on many of your earth levels of understanding. Why it is the same as the hope that shall spring forth from the mouths of your leaders only to be squashed upon by those who view it? This is then equal to all of your own thoughts and words as they are brought forth to create the venture you are on, is it not? Why do you downplay the worth of your history upon your Plant of Mother Earth? For she is genuine if not honest to all of you, so subsequently shall you be honest with her? Honest in owning what is before you, if she is all that you say she is why devalue her worth? Why allow the dismantlement of her senses? Ahhh…for to unilaterally dismantle her worth, you are then dismantling your own worth, your own value, and that shall not be as you have set it all out to be.

Your worth and value are imperative upon your Planet of Mother Earth, each and every living being and structure is an added value to unite every living being together to ascend in more than mere and mortal mind conception. To see the dismantling of concepts that have originated before all time, to the layman of understanding is crude. Do you not see it, every fraction of your earthly existence is being laid out stomped upon to then be eradicated to the sounds of another’s words and actions, to see words of being mightier than the last. How can that be when nothing is mightier than the given word? When you take it upon your own self to eradicate the work that has been laid out for you for no other reason than to have the higher hand over all, is to say that you have stepped into your God self higher than the Creator. For what is higher than Yahweh? Is it mere mortal human? Is it then to say that the mortal human has creation in its forefront of its mind and soul an equalitarian of knowledge to move forth for all living beings? Is it easy to say that the mere mortal human is mightier than that which created mere mortal human to begin with? Ha… do you think not which we see each moment of your existence upon your Planet of Mother Earth? Do you believe that we have decreed it to be one of worth when there is so much hate? Ahhh…. The greed of humanity at its finest into your world right now and the game shall be played out by the player’s teams, but not the players for they shall run when it all falls to leave you standing there with empty hands of nothingness. They run to the positions of greatness the likes they do not understand for no mere mortal human has the energy to sustain it on the levels they seek. And that dear ones is what they are lacking if not missing for the missing link they so greedily seek. For no earthly human is alone, no earthly human has the equalitarian of knowledge to move forth from where they have disintegrated all of you to the levels we see. Shall we say the divide of your senses is at mass here? Shall we say that you as a living being upon your Planet of Mother Earth have the right if not down right knowledge base as to see the game that is being played?

To move forth is to bring that divine light of being of Yahweh full force within your whole being and sustain it at your will. Sustain it at the level in which it is to produce the given divine light of mergence to all. For you shall not cower in fear of that which you stand tall in, tall in the grace of Yahweh beside you, inside of you and around you. Your leaders seek out that which shall bring you to your knees, they camouflage the importance so that you shall be blinded with rage, anger, hurt and fear to not see thru the muck that is strewn towards you, so deep in the muck that you shall be walking with no knowledge and being lead by even less. Place no fear within your heart, bring forth the energy of Yahweh in all you do and you shall be in the arms as the Teacher says of God’s Light.

Preparedness is one that shall be an example of all that you can do, so why not take the moment to reach within to know all that you shall need, for your leaders have gotten to that level. But fear not for you shall see the dawn of the light of Yahweh as the equalitarian of knowledge moves forth across the lands. Do not discriminate those before you; do not send hatred where you yearn, and do not despair for the time of arrival is upon you. The energies of the Holy Trinity in which you travel and the Teacher talked about are leading through thought forms of the innermost enclaves with one another and they shall be truth which disperses of knowledge that has not been seen in millennia of your earth years. The souls during the energies of the Holy Trinity are called forth to descend where they may of the uppermost order for those of God’s light. You shall be there with us as we hear the cries of many, their hearts no longer understanding that which is around them. For Yahweh has not left them, but stands thru them, the leaders of your Planet of Mother Earth are laying falseness across the lands of your ancestors and that which is all of us with whom, are here with you. For yes, we acknowledge that the learning of many is the walk in which is taken, but to walk in the journey of those before you singing their praises, owning their work is not one highly conducive in which we are here. For we walk upon your Planet of Mother Earth, not to destroy in our own learning of our time, but to build in the equalitarian of knowledge for all.

And where do one as you seek the equalitarian of knowledge for all and that is in which is deep within you? For did you not have that for the Teacher as she sits here by my side year after your earth years giving to you the words that I and others speak. Where were you during that time? For she still gives more and more of all she has to you and what did you do? Did you give to her as you would to all of us? We find the words cannot be expressed for the loyalty she does for so many and to those with whom seek her out as we do. Do you not think she has the authority to deliver nothing but ill contempt to those who threw her aside? Alas, this is so, and alas she has not for that is not in her makeup of energy to do to others as they do unto her. And think, if this can be done to her, to then what do you do unto your own self? Shall you rise above all the earthly condemnation to be the God Light that is within you? Have you met with your own darkness that seeks you out to swallow you whole? The equalitarian of knowledge that you seek is no farther than your own breath you breathe and your own fight you fight. Shall you fight within the boundaries of illumination or that which others throw at you?

For you are being asked to fight now upon your Planet of Mother Earth and it is a fight of Light, it is to open your inner light of God to bring forth the equalitarian of knowledge for all beings. You are being asked to see between more of what is given to you to discern the truth of the creation of Yahweh gift unto you. How do you then receive the gifts of the Holy Trinity into your soul is up to you. For we shall be here thru it all and we shall guide you with all of that we are. For we are the Light upon which you seek Yahweh. We have walked as you walk, we have learned as you learn and we have given to our own the Light that emanates within Yahweh to never seek that which is not of the origin or the Creator. For I give to you the beginning of the New and to that all that resides within you in the name of Yahweh.

May your journey ahead be one of truth and honesty within your soul.


For I AM Ascended Master Lord Amin-RU


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®



A Mediums Story


Mediums Everywhere


Are you a Medium with great skills and communication? Do you have a story to share? Would you like to share and tell your story to millions of individuals? Did you read that right? Did this get your attention?

We are documenting Mediums and we would like to talk to you. Send us your website address/name, if you have a Face Book account, please share that too and we will contact you to schedule an interview.  What inspires you to be a Medium?

Contact and attn. to: Angel at adele@angelicwiseones.com



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