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January 2011 Newsletter

Angelic Wise Ones The Visionary Message
January 2011 Newsletter 1st Edition

January Featured Articles:

Adele’s Welcome Message
What is going on, Where did she go….My own personal Story
Angels Across the Miles
Epic of Life
Six Feet Under
Adele’s Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center
New Year New Workshops


Adele’s Welcome Message



Happy Happy New Years to Everyone.

A Brand New year and a Brand New Way of looking at all things and Being the Best we can be. I know it has been awhile and so many things have been going on not just with me but everyone across the board that this is the best time to get it all going. Thank you for all the e-mails asking about this year’s energy as we say good-bye to a wonderful year of Love, Passion, Creation and truths. Some may say it may not have been the best year for those truths but in actuality it truly is. For that which we face in truth is that which we can then say good-bye to bring in a whole new you!

But these energies do not stop there, we entered the years of the Christ Illumination and everything we have just keeps building upon the platform of the last years. This building of energies is the outline of the truth within. As we take the time to look back at all that was before us, all that we have already lived through we can see the correlations of that which is in the cycles of previous history completed through time.

This is the year of revelations to reveal all things on all levels is one that is very surprising and yet not so surprising to many for this is what you have been seeking in your quest to understand am I on the right path. And by the way, yes…you are on the right path and look where it has taken you….you have come so far in your growth and development of understanding who you truly are…this is the enlightening stage… this has to be the greatest gift one can give to thy self even though at times it might not have looked that way. I have to laugh as no one likes to take an in-depth look at their own self but why not….

“Everyone looks at you each day of your life in one fashion or another, so why not join them and really take that look too.” AMB

What will you reveal to yourself by doing this? Many things will become more apparent as you start to do this as no one and I mean no one really wants to take a look inside to see what lies there. But I have to laugh yet again, as what lies within is what has been created all of your life, so you know the journey you have taken, you know the ins and outs of yourself, you have already lived through it so what is so hard about looking inside to see what you see ?

As I teach…”You have already lived through the fear, so why keep living with it?” AMB

Just as each day what is it you create in your day, what do you create around you, what is it that then makes that creation your journey?

Every step you take every individual you meet, every decision you make creates the journey in which you walk, so who is really the creator or what has been your path? Well let’s see…. add in the decisions you make and the individuals in your life, the experiences that you partake in, do not forget society and the rules in which you are told to live in accordance to others around you, the factors that you have allocated to others with decisions that are very important to you and your family….ummm… societies rules once again. Oh yeah, those rights that you have given to others to make decisions for you…okay it’s the same thing. Then yes, you can see the path that you have been walking…Now take into consideration the awakening, the urges that have been driving you these past few months or years, the unexpected impulses to make you look more outside of the box, even if you believe you have been living outside of that box, the sudden urge to move from your present location or do things that you have never done before and you can see that you have been guided and pushed and sometimes made to be an example to those around you and where has that taken you or where has that gotten you?

We can take this back to free will as many know we all have the free will of choice and with this we have made decisions based on that free will of thinking. We have decided to be the best we can be, we have decided to go to the next level with everything, and at times we have put off and we have also placed things on hold as to that which we believe are more important things to get done at that moment of time, but we will get back to it. ( As many know Mercury Retrograde is that time to get done all things we place on hold or push aside for the time being.) Next thing you know, you are then looking at that which you said was not important enough to deal with or do, this then builds up to create an emotion of looking back to see what we really did not take the time to do, this then either brings liberation or depression for many. To then see what we did not complete or finish is very disheartening to many and to others oh well, just another thing back on my list to do.

So what does your To Do list look like this coming year? And have you added Yourself in that To Do List? With this energy this year we are looking at Revelations, Why were these things really not done? Is it you did not want to deal with them? Is it that you did not have enough time in the day?

This is a great year to reveal to yourself all that you truly are, all that you have the power inside of you to accomplish and get done. Whether if it is to say good-bye to an old friend or hello to a new, it will all be about what is revealed to you. And by the way do not leave out compassion as you are going about your day, how many times do you really give compassion to others or to yourself?

In this revelations it is said “that the time of history shall be revealed to all, that which they so seek within themselves” TBM.

Many people will be seeking compassion from those around them, it will be for those who say they have compassion to really step back and see if they truly do have compassion for others and for themselves. For many want to blame another for their weakness without ever having to look deep within themselves to see their own… So many energies have hit so many individuals who we have always looked upon as being the strong one…Does not anyone ever realize that if that individual is strong, compassion for another human being is what gives them their strength and uniqueness in being human too.

As we see this we must remember their shall be much judgment upon the world as when these energies really roar into view there shall be much to see and it will be for the individuals to not place their own judgments on another in what is going on. For to judge another is to judge that which you yourself speak and live.

Each individual in the world right now has their own uniqueness and path for them to follow and walk. Just as with each individual has is a free will of choice. Will your path be the same as another’s beside you? Yes and more importantly no…for if I walked the same path as the individuals beside me what makes me as unique as the other? What makes me any different, what makes them any different than I? We are all in this for a reason and those reasons have been revealed to you time and time again and will continue to be so. We are all spiritual beings who have chosen to be here, we are all living that which we are here to live. If I am here to give to you an opening of discovery then yes, the individual beside me will give to you an opening to, but it will be the aspect in which you need which will not be the same aspect as I have given to you. When you add both of these aspects up it will then give to you the parts which is needed to begin to make you whole.

When we have chosen a book that catches our eye we quietly sit down and open that book to gain the knowledge that is within…when we allow ourselves and take the time to quietly go within, we begin to reveal the beauty, the uniqueness and the knowledge that has been stored away for a life time. This year open the pages of your own life and reveal the truth that is held within. I promise you, you will love what you find inside.

The world reveals day by day all that is contained upon and in Mother Earth. Do not be surprised any longer to that which shall be revealed to all of us around the world. For her secrets have always been there, it is to those who truly seek the truth with love and compassion in their hearts that shall find the greatest prize of knowing it all began and will end as it always has.

May you be Blessed with Compassion and Love in your hearts this New Year for every living soul no matter their own journey, for their journey is the answers in which you truly seek. To be displayed before you is the greatest book you can ever open, for it is the book of truth and Life, it is the book of knowledge with which you seek, it is the Alpha and Omega, it is the book written by God.

See and go within to seek the compassion, truth of who you truly are and allow it to reveal to you all that is within…This will give to you the greatest gift as we enter this New Year…It will give you the greatest gift as there shall be many changes all over the world and with those who we see as an authoritive figure. The world has much to be revealed and it is time for those revelations to begin.

In saying so, please take the time to read my own Personal Story of these past months in ” What is going on, Where did she go”. When we live our life in truth we find along the way we need to be the truth on many levels even if that takes us through a journey in which we do not want to allow others to be a part of. Especially as a Visionary with the truth as we see it.

As a Metaphysical Teacher I teach Teachers and with each Teacher that graces my door I always tell them… “that which you are going through is that which is going to be brought to you” …in meaning…Whatever you are going through right now, deal with for when you have learned that lesson, when you have lived through it, you then become the teacher to others. And in doing so you cannot teach others if you have not lived through it yourself. Do your work, be a clear and clean vehicle, be in integrity and then be that which is… the teacher in you. For God shall bring those to grace your door who are living that which you just lived through. And how then can you assist them, if you have not lived through it yourself?

This year of Revelations be the truth and the Light of God shall light your way in more ways than one…

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2011©Adele Marie, Angelic Wise One

What is going on, Where did she go….My own personal Story
By Adele Marie

So many have written and asked where have you gone and what is going on? I send my Love and Blessings to All of you for thinking about me, it showed me how as a Visionary and Channel I have assisted so many in their own journey and how much Love there really is in the world.

As I teach my students world-wide…” when you walk within the light, darkness will always try to pull you back”… When we are at a level of existence that most do not understand, there shall be those who will always try to say we are delusional or weird, this I have lived with my whole life. The difference is that when we are in the attainment of ascension we do not view the world as others view the world, we do not judge as others would judge for there is nothing to judge. This life is about learning, compassion, lessons, understanding, truth, trust, faith, death and life and most of all Love… At this level we see that Love shall always be that which we hold as close as there is nothing that can come between love on any level. But then again…when love is absent there is a void a darkness within and that darkness can then transpire the individuals into things that creates delusion and falseness to which the one shall live their life until the awakening deep within the soul to see truth on all levels. For the darkness does not like the void of love and looks for ways to create that darkness within others to be the same……This then has the darkness looking for ways to pull one back as much as it can, many times this is what is called the ego within. And many times it is the ego within another that creates ways to pull one from the light of God on all levels.

A friend once said “Ego stands for… Edging God Out” and this is so true on many levels for when we are angry, we then look to take it out on God, when we are confused we look to take it out on God, when we are saddened by grief we look to take it out on God…For there is nothing greater than God so to that individual it shall ever be God who has done to them that which is playing out. The individual has never taken responsibility for their own actions to see God is one who Loves dearly and shall never place anyone in the position that has been created, but God has given the humans free-will of mind and body to choose which shall play out for their own learning and growth.

And to those who seek the Light of God deep within, they shall see the lessons playing out like a puzzle to find their own message of understanding in their learning, for is it not to understand that which one learns?

Many times that which you are going through in this life time is for you to be the Messenger to others, to assist them forward and the only way to do this is to live it. Even when it is not of your own choosing and even when others chose to take the steps to place fear and harm towards others around them, it will be brought to you to bring Truth and Justice to those who have not seen the light of God, those who have chosen to bring a darkness for their own selfish gain.

And that my friends is what I have been living…A darkness that is breathing down and chasing upon me for the selfish gain of individuals who have decided to be the dark and to avoid the light of God.

Last year Mother showed me the persecution and violence that shall be with me as Archangel Michael geared up to be in battle with me. As with all things Visionaries receive we relay the Message and then sit back to decipher the code, or pieces of the puzzle to see what the vision truly is. I like to give the vision many times before I look into the deciphering as I do not attach physical existence to that which I receive in many ways.

This past year brought me to a level within my own life that I had to make decisions that would affect my whole family in more ways than one. This was such a huge responsibility that it took me a long time to make and I knew the outcome was going to be a very ugly affair as after twelve years of marriage in an eighteen year relationship in which I had invested so much time, energy, love, money, and life into, that it was time to finally step up and say ENOUGH

Enough of the abuse the children and I can take it no longer. After saying this to my husband of all these years he turned and said “The lawyers are going to make this ugly, that is their job”. And it is not just the lawyers that he has hired to make it ugly, he himself along with his family have made this just not ugly, but very noxious. So much so, that I have had to spend every waking moment dealing with all the intimidations and manipulations that he, his lawyers and his family has frivolously been wasting our and our children’s money on.

So during this time I have been under so much stress and threat that I have not had much room to breathe to be able to continue giving to you the best of the best of my energy. And man is that hard to deal with on many levels, for I have to call it for what it is mental, emotional and financial abuse, and then again that does not even begin to describe all of it in any way. For As I teach to be a clear and clean channel, I also teach you cannot work when you are stressed, sick or not feeling well, for everything is then tainted and not coming from the pure source. And their biggest mission was to incapacitate me to not be able to work and they have succeeded for many months.

It is all called Domestic Violence…it is called finally standing up to say NO more…it is called getting your life back. And over the past months it has been a battle to deal with as each day he, his family and team of lawyers have deluged me with court papers, fines, depositions, interrogations, etc… to keep me so immersed in all of that, that I had no room to give to anyone or thing other than my children. To noxiously do their very best with so much hatred and darkness to stop the precious work that I do for so many.

As most of you know I gift out over half of what I do to those in need. I work very hard to give as much as I can and I do not ask for much other than to ask others to go within and be at peace and to go within and go to God. Love yourself for when you do then that Love is there for every other living being. This is the ascension process to be one with God in all ways; it is about being a Light to help others see the Light to be one with God.

So all these months I have been battling the darkness of another’s soul, another who has chosen to be that darkness to do in the cover of what is called our legal systems to physically and violently attack my children, intimidate, threaten, harass, stalk, scare, control, be very untruthful with so much noxious energy that I was told by many they are surprised that I have lasted this long and this has to be the most ugliest divorce they have ever seen from his side…

All because I said “Enough”, enough of being abused on all levels that any human being can do to another. I stood up to say that I am not living my life with someone who cares not for anyone other than himself. Who keeps destroying everything within his reach, who loves to intimidate women and children. And because I did this I am under attack with so much rage against me and my children that others say there are surprised I lasted this long. Why?

Because most women and men in a Domestic Violence or abusive relationships find that the system is not designed to assist them, but…. Designed to assist them back into the home and arms of their abuser, that which they ran from. For no one wants to deal with it, they do not want to hear about it and dear God if you insist upon it they will find a way to get you to shut up with threats of “incarceration until you purge your contempt’s” or with so much legal paper work…that you are then financially wiped out and still the battles continues with no one assisting you, for you have no more money. As I have learned and it seems everyone in the legal system knows there are three things:

1) You need the best lawyer…( unprincipled will also work)

2) need to have the most money ….and surprise of surprises you need to

3) LIE the most…Stunning isn’t it?

A system that teaches you to LIE in order to get what you want. I am floored with this the most, for I refuse to be untruthful about what has happened all these years and even to this day. But the ones that are creating this battle speak it so fluently you are amazed and disappointed and then realize that so many women and men who have been abused never had a chance for the system makes it that way.

All because I said enough of your violence and abuse…

For in all things as the darkness comes to you …shall you fight within the light or shall the darkness swallow you whole? I have chosen fight within the light…did you need to ask (smile)…For the darkness rumbles and the greatest of men would have fallen to the things that my children, family and friends have been put through…but in everything God so Loves the Children of Light and the Light of the Truth shall win… For no matter what else is done I shall always have the Light of God shining from within…and that makes me the victor.

So the story does not end there, he and his family are spending money like it is candy or water so frivolously that it makes your head spin ..and on what…because I said Enough…that I no longer wanted to live my life with an abuser…someone who does not and will not love… except if it is in a bottle ?

So each day I begin with my prayers and I end it with Love and Gratitude. For each day that these individuals spend creating harm to me and mine is a day that I send them love. For I will and always will do as I teach and that is to learn each day and send love and peace to all those who would do harm.

For this has been my journey these months and this has been my pain to live with for saying we deserve more than the abuse… We deserve to Live…

I live what I teach and I teach what I live…for when we are called to service it is for the Light of God to clear all things that keep us from being that Light, and as humans we find that the creation of that life is going to be attached to more than we have ever understood one human can do to another.

So I Thank You for your e-mails and calls they are all precious to all of us and my heart grows with more Love each day and Thank You for allowing me your time to share in this way.

God Bless and May you always know the Truth of Faith never ends…it only Begins Anew…

See my article

Epic of Life

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2011© Adele Marie, Angelic Wise One

Angels Across the Miles

We are beginning the New Year with our 2nd Annual Angels Across the Miles™ Event for Easter this year. So mark your Calendars for April 9th, 2011 to be where we will be bringing you the Best of the Best of Mediums, Psychic, Healers, Crystals, Artisan Jewelry, Silent Auction, Guardian Animals and more…

The Angels have guided and focused this year’s event to be the theme of Easter and what better way as to assist the Easter Bunny in bringing a Basket full of joy for all young girls and boys. As the Christ Illumination is about Love and the Heart of God it is to remind everyone to open their Hearts in a positive way to assist all those less fortunate during the Holidays. Easter was chosen as a reminder that we all need to seek our inner child of Light to bless those around us. I for one Love to watch as the children seek out their Easter Baskets and better yet the Golden Egg…What a delightful way to be that child again and enter the kingdom of Heaven in a whole new way.

This year we are working with the Domestic Violence centers as these women, men and children are going through so much that no one really understands what it is like to live your life in fear in this way. It is very humbling to know the little boy or girl down the street who keeps a smile on their face so that even you their neighbor, does not know the terror they live through. For yes… they are your neighbors, they are your friends, they are the young women and men at church, they are the servers at your favorite restaurant, they are the individuals who give so much to hide their story from you.

This is something very close to my heart as I know what it is like to live each day with Domestic Violence Abuse. How you will hide it from your closest of friends and family for it is too shameful to admit, to humiliating to acknowledge that you are being abused. How you can be the strongest person and still have it happen to you. The Control that is constantly there, the fear, threats, intimidation and so much more and it only becomes more violent over time…

How it starts out very subtle and then you are so entrenched in it that you do not even see it for what it is. As a good friend just recently said to me….if you take a frog and place it in a pot of boiling water it will jump out to survive…but if you take a frog and place it in a pot of cold water and slowly warm it up, it will get use to the water and die….

There is no reason that even one individual should lose their life through Domestic Violence and Abuse…but to know it exists or have firsthand knowledge of someone being abused and not do anything to assist another human being is the greatest atrocity that I see. We can all say we have known someone who has been through this and we can all say that we feel for them, but to allow another woman, man or child to go through this is a strike against humanity on all levels…

Join us on April 9th, 2011 and assist us and be an Angel Across the Miles™ in raising the awareness and proceeds to give to those who need a Easter Basket of Love in their life even if it is for just one day… everything goes to brighten hearts and bring a Smile upon the face of those who have nothing to lose…. but their lives…..

We are seeking Donations for this Event, if you or anyone of your family and friends, business associates and co-workers can lend a hand by Donating Silent Auction items, Easter Baskets, T-Shirts, Monetary Donations, Food, Gift Cards, Hotel Accommodations, Supplies, etc… we greatly appreciate it. Our last event was completed with 100 % Donations that more than made it a wonderful day for all; Join us to make this Event just as wonderful as we ring in this New Year as an Angel Across the Miles™ to give that Smile to someone who needs to know you are there.

2nd Annual Angels Across the Miles™ Event for Easter this year.

So mark your Calendars for April 9th, 2011

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2011©Adele Marie, Angelic Wise Ones

Epic of Life



By Adele Marie

Epic of Life is a New portion of my Newsletter that I would like to share with everyone. It deals with the issues and living life of Domestic Violence and Abuse. This is very dear to my heart as I have lived this life for over twelve years and I was allowed to finally start the process of healing, but as you know to go there one must first truthfully identify the issues and then the healing process can begin. The areas that we will be dealing with is : the journey, the awakening, the legal systems, information for those dealing with domestic violence and abuse, resources, Question and Answers and as much more as I can give to you.

As everything it all starts in the beginning and not every story has a happy ending. So join me as we walk this walk together for with each individual out there is an individual who is and has been abused and /or lived with domestic violence. It is to gather the strength and courage to finally say ” Enough is Enough” to allow their Voice to be heard and allow another life to be saved.

I have created an Organization called “Stop Abuse – Save a Life Foundation” where we allow the victim to have their Voice heard. If you know of anyone who needs to have their voice heard, who needs healing and an arm to stand beside them, and then let them know there are many here to assist and help them that they are NOT alone in their journey. We are here and we Hear You! God Bless, Adele

And the Journey begins: I wrote this story from the depths of my soul a few months ago and I want to share it with you. And if you have read it before, I ask you to read it again to never forget what another living being is living through when you think your day is bad… you have no idea how bad it really can be. Be blessed in all you do.

As this year Angels Across the Miles™ is doing a Fundraising Event to Benefit women, men and children of all ages who have been abused and are or have been living with Domestic Violence. We will be hosting this event to raise Donations to create and make Easter Baskets for the Domestic Violence Centers Children …

Just Six Feet Under


By Adele Marie

Where am I…How did I get here and where is here… It is very hard to see, there is no light…I am opening my eyes and still I cannot see anything…I cannot remember anything…Where am I….

I have never been claustrophobic, so why am I feeling this way right now…Relax I tell myself and just breathe…Where am I…What is going on… Why can I not remember anything…I am trying to get up and I do not have much room around me to move, I lift my head and bang it on something above me…I try to raise my arms to feel what my head hit and I cannot reach my arms above me or move them around very well…I can only feel what is above my body…the texture is rough like wood…where am I….there seems to be a ceiling above me…I can feel it, but I cannot see it….it is very close only a few inches from my body to the ceiling above me…Where am I …what is going on…relax, I tell myself and just breathe…

I cannot move my arms very well, my legs cannot bend…I feel trapped….there is no room…. Where am I ….I feel the air in which I am breathing is being cut off…Dear God what is happening and where am I….I start to feel all around me and all I keep touching is walls…relax and just breathe….everywhere I touch I feel the walls enclosing in upon me….Where am I….I cannot escape…I cannot get up and run….what is happening…where am I….hello anyone there…why can’t you hear me…where am I…please someone can you hear me…Relax and take a deep breathe…I cannot…there is no air…I am suffocating and I cannot breathe…What is holding me down, why can’t I move…what is going on…Dear God where am I…..

Finally….Oh My God, what a relief, a rush of fresh air…I can breathe….I see a beautiful brilliant light that is shining before me…I can see…all of a sudden I am not enclosed any longer…I feel a rush of wind around me…Looking ahead of me I can see this beautiful light shining so bright that I have to cover my eyes…there, right there….there is a person, I see an outline of someone walking towards me…I can feel her, I can see her…Mom…ohhh… Mom where have you been…

It seems like it has been eternity since I have seen you, how beautiful she is…she walks towards me with her arms outstretched and I run…I run to her and throw myself in her arms and break down and cry…I feel her warmth and strength flow through me, God she feels like heaven…I keep hearing her say “I love you and I am right here”…I look at her with tear stained cheeks as I tell her “I am tired, I could not breathe Mom…I love you too” ….She holds me close as I feel alive again. It just feels so wonderful to have her hold me, to know all of this is just a dream…a nightmare that never seemed to end…

I feel a rush of warmth and love surge through me…I feel a cocoon of gentleness surround me and I feel safe…as I raise my head to look around I see all of my family walking up to join us…Everyone is smiling, laughing and so happy, welcoming me back…Grandma and granddaddy…Tillie and Poppi hugging me in their embrace…whispering to me ” it is over child, you are safe, no one can ever hurt you again”…And I start to weep, finally someone heard me…someone came to my rescue and made the pain go away…. I can breathe…I feel so loved and cherished that I just want to stay there….I can finally relax and let go…. They heard me…they heard my voice calling out for help…and they came…and here I am with all of my loved ones…so many faces…so many whom I recognize that I have not seen for what seems like eternity…I start to laugh excitedly…so many whom have always been right by my side that I forgot about, I have only seen them in my dreams and meditations and here they are…front and center and they hear me….thank you for hearing me…thank you for believing me enough to hear me…to be here with me keeping me safe and sound…

I feel the excitement, it is swirling around me so strong and sweet…I look up just as Mother walks towards me and embraces me and says ” my child well done, you see it is all so very easy…all you had to do was let go”…yes, yes I let go of the worry, fear, pain, terror, horror that I have been living with for so long…the bonds of imprisonment being enclosed within and no one there to hear my voice….and then…………

I stepped back from everyone…Wait… what is this all about, where am I…I look around and everywhere I see are my loved ones…all who have passed before me…all who have lived and have died in my life…well, this is normal…I see them all the time, I talk to them all the time…but …but this is different…I am living among them breathing just as they are…feeling, hugging and seeing them so different than I have always done…

I turn to Mother and say” Mother where am I …what has happened?”…she gentle places her arms around me to see where I was… as I look around there is my physical body…it is in a box…six feet under….

Oh my God…I remember now…I could not breathe, I kept running and running and no one would listen to me…no one would hear me when I asked for help…they all just laughed…I told everyone …I kept telling them I was being stalked, I kept telling them he is out to destroy me…he hires people to follow me, to scare me and to keep the control through terror and intimidation…the abuse is never ending, they are now doing all of it legally…the abuse is now legalized abuse….No one would listen, they kept saying it will be over soon… and I kept running and then it happened…out of nowhere…. I felt a pressure and then nothing ……..

As I looked over I saw my children all standing around me crying…hurting with so much pain and anguish, all terrorized for what had happened to me…they all fell apart…they keep re-living the nightmare…..my friends where there too…each one of them crying…each one of them talking about the fight and struggle of watching it all happen to me when no one would listen…But no one would move so I could see what had happened to me…I remembered seeing this and thinking why are you crying for me…I finally feel good, I am free from the abuse and fear of being assassinated…no fear…no terror…no watching over my shoulder to see where it was coming from…no more can they hurt me…no more can they control or abuse me…I was in that box…six feet under…….

But then the rush of emotions to know Dear God what now…my children are not safe…I was not safe and now they are all alone to have to fight that same threat of fear and terror…my antagonist got what they wanted …they stalked me and they got rid of me and now what will happen to my children…I curled up in a ball and wept…I cried out against the injustice of what had happened…I hurt all over because like me, there was nothing they could do…no one to turn to …nowhere to hide….no justice for the abused, for those who fear for their lives…the systems do nothing to help, they close their eyes and ears to the cries around them…for it is not their life, it is not their family and it is not their problem….

He did this…they all did this…his family did this and his counsel did this…the world allowed this to happen because no one would listen…they would not listen to my words…my voice…my side of the story…I never hurt anyone…I always lent a helping hand…I could never stay mad at anyone and never judge another….I took the abuse for years…I swallowed my pride on numerous occasions. I gave in to keep the hurt and pain away from others…I allowed myself to be blackmailed, threatened, terrorized, manipulated, living in fear each day and still I gave with so much love as to not harm another….why…why does society allow this to continue…

All I did was say “I am tired and through…I want out”…I want out of the hell I was living in…constantly being told how much a piece of crap I was, constantly being told that no one cared about me…constantly stepping between him and the kids so he would not keep hurting them with his cruel remarks and twisted behavior…Constantly having to give him my money so he could buy whatever he thought he needed with no thought to others…constantly being humiliated for my femininity and having to submit on demand, Constantly being the whipping post when he learned a new karate move…constantly being told how dumb and stupid…that I was “no fun” because I did not drink…and all the times when a gun was kept pointed to my head as I went to bed…Constantly the beer flowed around him, every day every night watching as he drank more and more…watching as he doctored himself with his own medications. It was never ending and then I made the mistake to say I want to be left alone I want out of this marriage…

And then it began and this time more in earnest…this time it was worse than ever before, the taunting, the threats, objects being thrown and stolen…the belittling by him and his family…all the lies, the untruths…their imagination was going wild….busting through the door to the house to intimidate, threaten and even more lies…watching as they went to court and gave under oath untruths upon untruths…sworn testimonies to take my children away from me with lies…my mouth dropping open as they knew they were lying…I remember thinking ” God is going to get you for all of your untruths…how can you live with yourself by being so untruthful”…the stalking day and night continues …the phone calls continue…my friends and their families receiving calls scaring them, threatening them…my phone being wiretapped…a tracking device on my truck so that at any hour of night and day they would know my whereabouts…never being alone to be at Peace…to feel safe……

All those years of me being alone trying to help him fight his battle with alcohol and addiction to his prescriptions meds and his family would close their eyes and ears to the truth, to the abuse that the children and I lived through, allowing their grandchildren to live through that pain because they were not going to admit their son had problems….oh no…for that would mean that they had a hand in their sons faults and no one in that family had any faults…they were all perfect….they left me to deal with their son and his addictions and they walked away, but not before they would say how much they hated me…why…was I getting too close to the truth…because I told the truth even though they would not listen… they did not live in reality… but that which was their own…

I would always hear…”it’s your lie you tell it…well, they tell it so very well”…

And here I am six foot under…in a box in the ground and no one can hear my voice any longer…no one can hear about the injustice that we as abuse victims live through…no one has to look upon my face any longer to see truth in my expressions and to hear my words of truth about the horrors I lived through…you see if they did…they would know what truth really is…and not just that of a delusional woman who felt every pain that was inflicted upon her…A woman who could no longer take the mental, emotional, sexual, financial and physical abuse and pain any longer…that she decided to voice her words…she decided to be a voice that others could hear so they too would find comfort in knowing they are not alone…

Statistics show that abused women and men return to their abuser as no one will hear their voice, their side of the story …that the justice system is designed to have the abused go back to the abuser so that they do not have to be involved in domestic violence…you may see many shows on television with abuse…but no one shows you the real horrors and truths the abused go through or has to live through just to take another breath and to keep alive one more day. The system is set up to look the other way…to give just enough assistance to keep the abused stringing along with enough hope that unfortunately never comes along.

For no one understands the abuser will always find ways to keep that voice from being heard………and knows they can get away with it…….

And to those who find the courage to say “enough is enough, I am getting out”…just look six feet under and know they are still there just waiting for someone to hear their voice…………….

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2010-2011©Adele Marie, Angelic Wise Ones

Adele’s Spiritual Healing and Wellness Center



The Year is over and we are still growing in so many ways I am very thankful to Everyone who supported Samantha and I this past year as she opened her Center in the heart of Hanover Maryland. As we step into this year we will be seeing a whole new start to some many wonderful Mediums and Healers as they gift us with their Presence in their Spiritual and Holistic Healing fields of expertise.

Look for many New workshops featuring numerous gifted mediums, psychic, healers, and artisans to name a few. We would like to welcome Jane Rainier and Shelowann Dawson to be offering their unique workshops each month. These ladies comes with years and Degrees of experience and I am excited to get started and be there myself.

And that is not all we will be having many events with Angels Across the Miles, Spirit Speaks Galleries, Hosting out of town guest and even Broadcasting our New Show The Comedium’s. An Electrifying Year with you in mind as we move with the energies around us.

The year is already growing, as we are too. Come and join us in your own spiritual growth and enlightenment. With each new day that is here we are here to grow and be with you!

Sign up NOW for your Day & Night with Adele…On February 5 & 6, 2011 the month of LOVE….Adele’s host a day of Private Readings with Adele and a Night of Smoke/Flame Billets Circle Messages. Seats are filling up fast so reserve your time and appointment today. See New Workshop Calendar for More Information….

Love, Laughter & Light™, Samantha and Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2011©ASHWC, Adele Marie, Angelic Wise Ones

New Year New Workshops




January 28, 2011

Saints & Ascended Masters Class with Adele
Time: 7:00 pm
Tuition: $20.00

Each class you are introduced to a New Saint and /or Ascended Master. Ascended Masters are the true Light of God as they bring their wisdom and knowledge to all of us in a level of sophistication that parallels to no other….Ascended Master have been among us and now that the All Masters Calling has been ringing through the lands…the Ascended Masters are waiting to guide you even more…

These Monthly Workshops will introduce to you a different Ascended Master and Saint for you to get to know and work with in your life experiences that match their own…as we all are guided to be where we need to be…they are here waiting to be with you.

January 29, 2011

Understanding Animal’s Chakras with Jane Rainier
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Tuition: $55.00

Inclusive: workshop, manual and certificate

This introductory workshop reviews the major chakras of our animal companions. This workshop is helpful for those beginning their journey in working with animals. We will identify major chakras and their roles in maintaining healthy companions. A must for all Animal loving guardians and to take your own learning to a new level to then work with our Animal Companions.


February 5 & 6, 2011

February Month of Love and Messages with Adele

Saturday and Sunday February 5 & 6 – Private Readings with Adele:

½ hour Reading with Adele for only $85.00

Seats and appointment are filling up fast to reserve your seat and appointment time for these amazing events e-mail adele@angelicwiseones.com . Times and Seating are limited, all e-mails are kept in order in which they are received. Thank You!

Registration is a Must! Email:

February 5, 2011

Smoke / Flame Billets Circle with Adele ( old School Mediumship)

Time: Saturday Night – 7:00 pm
Fee: $45.00 per person

Seats and appointment are filling up fast to reserve your seat and appointment time for these amazing events e-mail adele@angelicwiseones.com . Times and Seating are limited, all e-mails are kept in order in which they are received. Thank You!

Registration is a Must! Email: Adele@angelicwiseones.com

February 5, 2011

Animal Reiki I …….with Jane Rainier

Time 10:00am to 3:00 pm
Tuition: $99.00

workshop, manual and certificate

In this excellent hand on workshop, you the participants will learn how to use Reiki techniques and work with the Animal Reiki Energy to provide hands-on healing sessions for animals. Please dress Comfortable, bring a notepad or journal and a lunch with you.

Everyone will receive Reiki attunements, manual and certificate.

Registration is a Must! Email:

February 12 & 13, 2011

Psychic Detective Course
Time: Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm – Sundays 11:00pm to 2:00pm
Tuition: $1320.00 Early Bird Special – Register before January 12, 2011

Pre-Requisites Earth Bounds and Ghost Busting & Cleansing and Clearing Homes Workshops

Have you always wanted to help find that missing child? Do you get a gut feeling when you see something that is just not right? Have you ever gotten a premonition into something that later happens? Do you get visits in the night from someone in spirit who looks as if they need help? DO you just have a desire to learn all you can?

Then this is the class for you!

Come join Adele as she will walk you step by step to discover your hidden talents & gifts with being a Psychic Detective. So many times you have that feeling and did not know what to do with it, would people think you are crazy? Would the police believe you? Learn all the do’s and don’ts, what you will need to do and what to stay away from as you find your own niche in this psychic work that is right for you. We will be getting your foot in the door to working with the Law Enforcement agencies.

Be prepared for your life to change as Adele introduces you and prepares you for all you will need. This is an exciting job, but does have its challenges, so if you love a challenge then welcome!

Due to the nature, content and structure of this work, this class is limited in size as Adele teaches this on very personal level side by side with you.

Registration is a Must! Email:


February 17, 2011

Energy Attunement and Meditation with Adele

Time: 7:00 pm
Tuition $40.00 Manual and Certification Included

Must Register at

February 19, 2011

Sunfoods For Vitality and Sustained Energy! with Shelowann Dawson
Time: 11:00am to 2:00 pm
Tuition: $65.00

This workshop is sure to change your life as you learn all about sunfoods! Sunfoods are one of the main building blocks of longevity and feeling energized. Learn what sunfoods are and how to incorporate them into your current food lifestyle. Learn why they are so important for humans to consume regularly. We will engage in class to design a plan that incorporates them into your current food lifestyle. Join us if you are ready to have a better relationship with food and if you would like more support as you live your life. Our spiritual journey is elevated even more when we are aware of what we are ingesting, why we are ingesting it and how it makes us feel.

Registration is a Must! Email:

MARCH 2011



March 11, 2011

Nights of Channeling with Adele

Time: 7:00 pm

Tuition: 10.00

Registration is a Must as these seats fill early and fast! E-mail



March 12, 2011

Detox Your Way to Better Health!

Time: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Tuition: $75.00

There is so much information about detoxification that it can be confusing, leading us to shy away from detoxifying protocols. Come and learn the real deal in this workshop! Learn the ABCs of detoxification including the benefits, why it is important to detoxify several times a year, how to choose the right detoxifying protocol and more. You will create your own detoxification protocol in this workshop. Detoxification supports us in every area of our lives including our spiritual elevation. Out with the old and in with the new! If you are ready for a new and improved healthy you this workshop is for you.

Registration is a Must! Email:



March 24th, 2011

Energy Attunement and Meditation with Adele

Time: 7:00 pm
Tuition $40.00 Manual and Certification Included

Registration is a Must! Email:



March26, 2011


Animal Reiki II…… with Jane Rainier


Time 10:00am to 3:00 pm
Tuition: $99.00

Inclusive: workshop, manual and certificate

In this second amazing workshop on animal reiki, all participants will add to their prior learning from Animal Reiki I by learning distance reiki methods and additional techniques to assist our animal companions with their healing process.

Registration is a Must! Email:




APRIL 2011


April 2, 2011


HERBS 101 ………..with Shelowann Dawson
Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Tuition: $55.00

Do you want to know more about herbs but are not sure where to begin? Come to this enlightening class and learn the basics! Herbs are as old as time, being just one of human’s allies. They can be of great assistance in many areas of our lives. Learn what constitutes an herb, the basic uses and energetics of herbs; the ways to use them medicinally, what parts to use for optimum medicinal use, where to buy the best herbs, how to store them, length of potency and more! You will not be disappointed as you leave this session knowing more than you did before.

Registration is a Must! Email:



April 9, 2011

Angels Across the Miles – Easter Fundraiser

See website-

www.AngelsAcrosstheMiles.org for more Information and to Join Us!

Be an Angel Across the Miles and Donate Today!

April 16, 2011

Pet First Aid and CPR…….. with Jane Rainier

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Tuition: $55.00

Learn life-saving pet first aid techniques. Receive hands-on instruction on primary emergency assessment, rescue breathing, choking management, bleeding control, heat- and cold-related injuries and CPR. Learn a complete snout to tail assessment process to use to monitor your pet’s health.

Registration is a Must! Email:



April 21, 2011

Energy Attunement and Meditation with Adele

Time: 7:00 pm

Tuition $40.00 Manual and Certification Included

Must Register at



MAY 2011

May 7th & 8th, 2011

Animal Medical Intuitive Workshop

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tuition: $350.00

Inclusive: workshop, manual and certificate

This two day, intensive workshop is designed for animal practitioners who are looking to expand their animal wellness services. As an animal medical intuitive, one is better able to provide specific, detailed, physical information to an animal’s caretaker and veterinary professional. This workshop is also of benefit to animal caretakers who are familiar with energy work and wish to develop additional skills to help their animal companion.

In this workshop, we will:

* review basic animal anatomy and physiology

* discuss various tools for practitioner self-care

* learn specific techniques for gathering information

* experience how this modality works

* discuss how to share information with caretakers and vets

Registration is a Must! Email:



May 19th, 2011

Energy Attunement and Meditation with Adele

Time: 7:00 pm

Tuition $40.00 Manual and Certification Included

Must Register at




May 21, 2011

Herbs for First Aid…with Shelowann Dawson

Time: 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Tuition: $70.00

Herbs are powerfully fantastic to use in first aid. Join us and learn about the various ways to use herbs for first aid, from less serious to more serious conditions. We will discuss the top herbs used in first aid, specifically how to use them, what goes in an herbal first aid kit, when it is appropriate to use herbs for first aid and more. The ability to use herbs for first aid will support you and your loved ones; including children, family and friends!

* A basic knowledge of herbs is beneficial though not mandatory before taking this workshop. Please see Herbs 101

Registration is a Must! Email:



May 28, 2011

Ocean Angels Healing Reiki

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Tuition: 75.00

This workshop is designed to connect us with the dolphins and whales to assist us in our healing work. Through this connection we are able to draw upon the unconditional love and knowledge which our ocean angels bring to us. An additional third component of this workshop is including using crystals as part of a healing session.

Registration is a Must! Email:



JUNE 2011

June 11th, 2011

Maryland Herbs for Sustainable Living

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Tuition: $60.00

Maryland offers a multitude of different herbs for various and surprising uses. This is an exciting workshop that will teach you about the different herbs that Maryland has to offer from herbs found in your neighborhood/or backyard to herbs found in the woods. If you have ever wondered what else herbs can do for you in addition to being used medicinally, this is the workshop for you!

This year we are looking at so many influences when it comes to our health and sustainability, by knowing the herbs in your living area you will be that much closer to knowledge at your fingertips.

Registration is a Must! Email:



June 25, 2011

Kundalini Reiki – Certified Master with Shelowann Dawson

Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tuition: $125.00 Includes Manual and Certification

Kundalini is the universal life force energy that runs through our bodies and it is a simple, yet magnificent healing modality. You will receive 3 distant attunements, which open and strengthen the energy channels in your body. This will allow Reiki energy to flow through your body while releasing any energy blockages.

The base chakra is the entrance for Kundalini energy, which is where the Kundalini awakening takes place. Upon entering the body, the energy runs up through the main energy channel and makes its exit through the crown chakra. When your Kundalini is opened, this allows for a complete cleansing of the energy channels and chakras that will occur over time. Kundalini Reiki is similar to the traditional system of Reiki and your Reiki healing abilities will further improve once your Kundalini has been awakened safely.

Some have had challenges with a Kundalini awakening. If this is the case, a Kundalini Reiki treatment can help. When a Kundalini treatment is done, and a Kundalini awakening happens; the chakras are opened from the base to the crown, thereby Kundalini energy is released through the crown chakra. Therefore, there can be no buildup of energy.

Registration is a Must! Email:



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