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October 2012 Newsletter

Angelic Wise Ones The Visionary Message October 2012 Newsletter 1st Edition

October Featured Articles:

Adele’s Welcome Message
Prophecies in which we carry with us through time, the Age of The Prophet
Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru
Private Readings with Adele
Private Group Gallery with Adele


Adele’s Welcome Message for October 2012

Hello and Welcome Angels, October is upon us and we are getting to where we need to be to continue through to the end of 2012 and beyond. Beyond all that we have grown and amazed our own self with as we visit with the discoveries of the revelations of this past year.

Discovering who we are where we are going and what is in store for us next is a true light workers way. We have come far and have so much more to go and as we look back we have seen that we are survivors of the highest order. For “God so called his children and in doing so, they all came”. What is it we came for? What is there that we have yet to see? Why would we come so far as to take us back to where we once were?

High energy that is surrounding our planet so much that we feel either tired and run down or energized with uninhibited exuberance

as to the next steps we are about to take. And we have gotten this far with a strong belief structure of who we are. Faith. Faith that has guided us for so long that sometimes it is not questioned as it is so ingrained that it never has to be questioned. Faith that one seeks the answers that cannot be described as it is a natural breath that we inhale without question. And faith has been our guide when no one or the answers have been forth coming. But it is there, just as you go to sleep knowing you shall arise the next day. Arising to a whole new beginning that cannot be as exact as the day or time before and that is what we are living.

Moving ahead in the future, experiencing the rapid expansion of technology as we live the past within the cycle of knowledge. What we have lived before is what we experience to live again. And yes, we are literally doing so as we speak.

For as much knowledge as we have had living upon Mother Earth we have left out the knowledge that we are cycling the past once again in reverse. And to think so many cringe when we have any sorts of retrogrades. This is an evolutionary planet retrograde that we are walking. That is why so many are tired right now. That is why so many are experiencing déjà vu’s right now, that is why so many are experiencing a high force of energy that reminds them of something they cannot quite place their finger upon.

Can you think of a time in your life in which you wished you had a re-do button? For a much better outcome to relive over a moment in your life where you already knew what was going to happen? The decision then would be simpler to formulate would it not? Already having the answer as you were about to make the choice?

That is what we have here with us. As this year is the year of revelations, it is revealing to be part of something larger than what one would expect and at the same time already been there so the choice is much easier to make this time around. That can be applied to many things but what we are looking at is the revelation of the insurgency upon us. And that is just with what we hold onto with ourselves. As Mother Earth create her shifting, her transition to the completion of the network of planets that I have talked about before. Just as you are walking along and something catches you eyes you turn in another direction, Mother Earth has been turning too. She is just as excited to reveal to you all that is within her to share. It shall be with us to join her or to hold back her energy as it expands into the universe. As you see where the holding back has gotten us. Either way she is going home and she has waited a long time to join her fellow planetary beings just as much as you are to visit with your loved ones in spirit once again.

And I am thrilled to understand what is happening along with you. As we advance our own technological age of material objects we have to take note from those of the Mayans all this time.

We are advancing at such a high speed of energy, that we have just about lost the advantage to take what was offered from those beings before us. As we advance we are also advancing energetically backwards to that of our forefathers, ancestors, ancients and tribes those of the Atlantian and Lemurian ages. We have all talked about cycles in which we live over and over again. Many believing it is to then to cycle back through the same steps as those before us, reliving their journey in the same order, this time making it right. But we are not just doing that, we are walking backwards through all of that. As did the Mayan Calendar show us. Remember we are advancing forward as we walk backward. Let’s see what the energy is that we are walking back into. Hmmm….well of course right now that of the Revolutionary War of the United States of America. A world shattering energy that is what we were warned about but others took it as a sign of the end of our living time upon Mother Earth. Well as I have said before as many others. It is a time of shifting and the end of the world as we know it. Also meaning it is the end of the world as we have lived upon her. It is the end of the life in which we no longer can ignore what we have all done during our time here. From our ancestors to the very eyes upon which is reading this. We have denied our own natural abilities to co-exist, to grow and prosper, to bring peace where we say there is none. We have negated our time just as it was written in that book of life we hold so close to our hearts and where has it gotten us?

So many write about finding and giving peace but when put to the test, their peace is shattered as to the true way to accomplish that peace. Why is it not working? What can be done and yes, there is a way to make the means available. No matter who you are, were you live or how you pray. There does not need to be a war within our own heart, mind and lives, but there it is. The cycle is written for all to see wherever we go, transforming through the ages into something that is so unrecognized because of the shape in which it has been created. It starts with you, how peaceful are you truly within your heart and mind? How peaceful are you within the confines of your mind to then keep that energy emanating all around you? It is there…find it. Discontinue with all the madness, do we not have enough of that broadcasted each day around us?

Bring to an end walking backwards in life and face it head on. Because we are revolving back to where we walked before and this time we have the chance to do it all over again the same way or create the movement forward from what we already learned by those who walked behind us. We cannot truly move forward if we have learned how to exist in the past so well, that we do not see what is ahead.

The Mayans gave us a calendar that is parallel to our lives that we live each day. In knowing the history of their story, their lives, their conquest and their defeats, we see our own mirror reflecting back to us. We see that we are walking the same path of acceptance and one of arrogance, the same path of structure in beliefs and politics, the same avenues that destroyed what we know is the same as we have been walking and living. Similarities of those in power, demeaning those who are subjects of rule. Sacrifices to appease that then grew more intense to sacrifice the innocence. The choices are ours to make and decide. How many sacrifices shall we make to get it right this time? How many will we turn away? How many will we kill, maim and destroy before we get it right? How many will escape before it is too late? How many will look for the innocence of a child to lead the way or swallow whole?

When we sacrifice the wrong things to God…we sacrifice God.

What more do you need revealed to show you the time is right to begin where it never was left off. We are all a continuation of what the past gives us each day…our own timeline of events that we write in history.

Timelines that we negotiate are timelines that we create to bring awareness within. We bring the awareness of the soul to the forefront of exposure and we find that balking at what is given is not the place from which we came. A place that only glorifies the name that many fight for, the same fight we all have within us when our own is being denied. Truly love if that is what you speak, truly be harmony if that is what you say, truly being peaceful if that is what you seek.

We have been living the birth of revolution coming that shall change the world as we know it. We can be the difference; it is up to you as when October is here there shall be more revealed to you that will make you not forget who you are and why you are here. It is the beginning of everything you have asked for. As I have said before……Are You Ready?

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones™


Prophecies in which we carry with us through time, the Age of The Prophet By Adele Marie

“It takes a prophet to understand another…it takes the heart of a soul who does not partake in a fool’s errand to understand they are a prophet of the soul.” AMB…

“Each of us live every day with a prophecy in our hearts, our souls which then displays the prophet to the world of the unknown is one who has to acknowledge the prophet is so inherent it cannot be denied.” AMB…

“When looking at the world at large we have to stand back and take a breath and know that we cannot foresee our reactions from a viewpoint that limits our ability to tap into what our soul is defining for us. A time when we know what is right in the world and what is wrong”. AMB…

But then who are we to judge least we judge our own actions in another.

The age of The Prophet is among you, among us all.

Many have grown in their lifetime with prophecies one way or another, as we have seen through history. From the prophecies of Jesus and his disciples, to the one known as Nostradamus, all the way to the times of the Mayan prophecies, the landscape has been covered very well. And as we venture further into our own future we see what others say, are these prophecies coming true? And to those of us who say “wait a minute” there are still those through their knowing, nay saying that the modern day prophets are here to expand the prophecies of our time. A question that then arises is how on earth can there be truth to historical prophets when we negate modern prophets of our own time, for they too are then historical as the time goes by and their prophecies materialize? Each soul that journeys in our time is a prophet, in many ways it is the message in which they convey to be what is an example, demonstration or accuracy of forecast that deems truth worthy to others who listen and know in their soul to believe.

The modern day prophet is you and I and all those who walk among us that have their own story to tell. It can be from visiting a friend to tell of their journey when they are asleep and awaken with such vivid memories that can not be shaken. It is the one who calls you to tell you about a episode of their life that is going on and you give to them your own version of what can happen, right, wrong or indifferent. It is when looking upon someone to know that is my soul mate, the one I have been waiting for all my life. It is when you are driving in traffic and know the light shall turn red. It is when you examine your reactions to the outcome of the prophecy you have lived. It then is up to the individuals to utilize the message to go from there. We all have that connection when asking about the weather and what is forecast for the day, week or month ahead. It is the one that negates the message as to where they are on their own journey. When a true faith maker is at hand do you dismiss it, as your own hopes and dreams where never realized, so why trust now? Deep within you have had so many disappointments that there is no room for anything else again unless you can assimilate it in your own world of illusion. But then you fight the very existence to say your own truth is the way. And then it is so. Many have a hard time excepting many things for the disappointment has been so encompassing all other dictates of life that the mind shuts down what is straying to resonate to bring the mind back to the original thought.

I go back to the reception of the message in the prophecy to which was given and how any individual applies it to their own surroundings. How is the intake of emotions receptive to what is given? As we can and have done on many occasions. It’s a human thing that we never get away from.

Finding a community acceptance from those who know the work but will deny the prophet is mind boggling to accept their defense of what is true versus what is not. Why does one accept what is the norm before accepting what is giving time and time and again and proven to be accurate? Furthermore it is my experience the more you hit home with what is given the more that others will balk. And that is okay, if we take the world economy right now many balked when reality hit them. Many still refuse to accept we are in a crisis which affects everyone, not one single individual is exempt. So place many percentages in the universe, continue the labeling of many. This has been taught all the human life experience, but still comes back to the same. Alas, there shall be those who still cannot see, or still live in a time frame within their mind that to not see is better than to acknowledge. And so the story goes in the directions of accepting their own divinity. Their knowing of who they are and their whole knowing of what they can actually do versus what they have to accept over and over again.

So to this prophet of sorts it is okay to take whatever road you choose, it is okay to accept or deny what is in front of you. It is okay that your neighbor does not like the same candidate for President or that your viewpoints are different when it comes to what needs to be done and who to trust.

The true experience is but to learn from one another.

Take what they give as much as understanding where they come from. Do not judge them for what they believe, their own convictions, isn’t that what a light of God is supposed to do? So when one sits there remarking, judging what another states, says, writes and does, it makes you see where they truly come from and in what direction they are going. The illusions of disparity shall be great and rampant as to sway you from what is being revealed.

Try instead to think about what you are learning from that individual and how it can be applied for the good of humanity, not the destruction of many and of your own wellbeing. What resonates within you when you read or hear the prophecies as they are given?

The modern day prophet is reading this right now and is having a deja vu moment. Traveling back to their birth of creation moment when they too knew the words that are written are they themselves who wrote it.

For as I have said from the beginning of this year of 2012. It is the year of Revelations, to reveal all truths come what may. And we have been living that from day one. The revealing has not been one that many have agreed with and for many it has been the highlight of their year. To validate all that they know to be true within their heart and mind, they had to finally see the writing on the wall. It is said to be revealed is to shine a light on the truth for all to see, for the negativity has nowhere to go. And in that the negativity will and has been belching up as much ugliness as it could to be heard louder than the revelations in which seeks to expose their ugliness. Looking back on the year can you not see how the universe has worked to give to you all that you have been seeking, whether that be within the world or within your own journey? When has there ever been a time when so much has been revealed that has always been shrouded in secrecy? When has there ever been a time in your life that you have not held back what was on your mind or spoken up for yourself and when has there ever been a time when so much was given to us all at one time? The prophecies that have been given over the years have been ringing true in more ways than one this year. Validation to all that you have known, held onto, and voiced are now before you and there is more from here to go.

Prophecies are what individuals thrive upon as that validates the direction that they are going and know to go. In the next several and lets just say the next twelve to fourteen years, prophecies are going to be more prevalent. As those within our world are going to clearly start having their own visions, their own sightings of that which they have denied for a long time and there will be no way to deny what is right before their own eyes. And even though we have so much right now and you are thinking there is no way there could be more. Be Ready! There shall be more individuals upon our planet that see, hear, sense all things around them which brings them back to question their own original self and the prophecies in which they live. And as this awareness and revelations are exposed to us world wide there shall be a disquiet that brings with it the balking from before.

The modern day prophets shall be born with an accuracy that cannot be denied. Prophecies in which we carry with us through time that shall be revealed on our own time of understanding we are the prophet that we so blindly have cast aside.

May the visions in which guide you be the light that shines the way for many….

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones™

——————————————————————————– Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru By Adele Marie

The Ticket Master awaits the Lord of Heaven or the Liege of the World?

The first two paragraphs are of my own thoughts as I sit down with a very dear friend. Looking upon him I see the illuminated gold rays, a huge ball of energy above his crown and I am in humility of what is found to be someone who is dear to me in more ways than one. Even though all these longs months I have given not globally but to that of the inner circles of chosen ones the words to which he shares. For no ones understands the workings of the visionary and the channel in which one must go thru to deliver what others will balk at as if it is not their own. He comes to me to say it is time once again to give to those who are in need, to those who are calling to what they do not understand or know. They have never been forgotten, they have never been alone. For the Ascended Ones shall never be more than a whisper away….to those who call home.

“Fear in allowing your own mind to create on a scale that is magnified within the folds of the mind…is a fear that then can be created to explore the creation to where you find there is not fear but that of the mind. Why is it humanity allows such erogenous creation to be created to begin with is the energy of the density in which you live. Do not allow previous circumstances to unfold which has no home into which dwells within the mind.

These are the thoughts that run rampant in your mind even though you know it has no home, you give it the space to reside, for then you will not have to allow your own divinity the time of day or night to show you to where you come and to where you are destined to go. Thoughts are here as I sit to channel the energies of Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru…he is here and he has so much to share with you as we begin. Welcome my most valued and trusted friend, it is time like no other in which we live and for that I am grateful to all of you within the confines of my energy and space to give your words to each of us….

Greetings to you the Children of Light, I am here with you, as we need to make you aware of a growing concern for many of us. That which is one being given to you that can be hidden in many ways. I am honored the teacher is here to begin the time when she no longer keeps herself shut but opens up to distribute the messages of many once again. For she understand what it takes to be a direct link to bring the awareness of the ride you have been upon. A ride that you have gladly accepted a seat and one that cannot be taken lightly as to the outcome of the end journey.

I bring you much peace at this time as I look around and see the unsettledness of your planet you call Mother Earth, she is a wonderful planet in which you live, is she not? But there has been much damage that has been created over time and I am here to say sit back and understand that this has been ordained since the beginning of time when the human race will become aware of their own divinity and connection to all that was before them and all that is still in them.

The parallel of energies and humanity that run rampant before you the outcome of your existence shall never be the same. Needless to say it shall not be ignored ant longer. You have been given the path into which you have seen the destructive nature all around you. You have been given the recourses to align with and you have been given the footprints to follow from the ones who have suffered much to show you the way. And this is not over just yet, you have been given many obstacles along the way for your own growth and enlightenment. This is in which I am here right now to bring you information in which you need to see clearly in front of you with the recent events that have been unfolding on and around your planet.

I am Lord Amin-Ru for the Ascended Master is a value your humanity has placed upon us all. Risen by humanity to a level which you are in direct line yourselves, but blinded by humanities efforts to contain your own numbers, for there are many who shall outnumber the one given to ascend. There is no ascension if the magnitude of the energy is not there to bring it about. Think teacher of your Planet of Mother Earth think about the ascension and all that it entails. To rise to a level of purity and wisdom that few understand is present within all. To rise above the extremes for which humanity sets its standards, forgetting it is the same standards that many believe to be the outcome of slavery to freedom. To acknowledge the outcome of the years it has taken to master the energies of the mind and soul, the living upon living of transformations from one existence to another.

Within the year you shall see the rise of many who no longer stand down to face the extreme in which your humanity dictates.

You have said that your existence parallels to the forefathers from your ancestry and this is true, then why has your planet not looked at what that entails? Ahhh…yes, they have we see and yes, they have still not looked to their own prodigy to understand it is in their own legacy to which they walk. The parallels in which they walk are that of ancient and old structures and beliefs, to that not one can find the way to transcribe what is taking place and to where they shall go next. It is with regret that we watch from the sidelines to find that so little has actually been learned even though there is much that has been given. Is it to then hold each hand to walk to the door of ascension?

Your planet of Mother Earth is letting you know it is no longer acceptable to say, but to take action and to be within that action in all you do. As I have said before there shall be many who fall and there shall be many who shall look the other way when all they want to do is to establish the outcome and then run with the results. A time when many are what you say as fearful of the outcome which predicts the times of disaster, which predicts the outcome of humanities quest to rule that which they have no authority to rule. Have we not given to you the outcome of humanities infallible destination to which they keep reaping upon themselves the lower stagnation of despair? Have we not instructed you that there shall be a collapse within the Global communities of your beliefs structures of your monetary stations? The Planet of Mother Earth has heard it all and has no more time to allow the destination to be that of humanity and not of self. Can you not take what she is giving to you and to then mimic her actions?

As we have given to you the time frames into which action is to be taken. For there will be many who believe to be secure but will not have security when is needed. Many will seek the assurance from those that only seek to further their own cause. We have given to you the outcome of what the times shall be and to where you shall be called upon to your own ascension of spirit within. Your planet of Mother Earth is in for a ride that you have been given tokens when you descended here to begin with. It is seeing beyond the reality into which has been created by those around you. It is seeing beyond the inevitable, for what is inevitable is that you shall see humanity as it is meant to be seen. We gave to you the time frame as in looking at your time upon which you designate all things. We gave to you the foresight of the destruction and collapse of the governmental institutions which are not to be brothers on your planet of Mother Earth. But one in which you decreed shall be simply over looked until the time when you finally see there is no separation of the two systems. These two human created powers shall be at conflict to destroy the other and no one takes prisoners in the end with the exception of humanity to be given their rightful if not blinded place unto which to dwell. To dwell within the mind frame of humanity that sacrificed their own divinity to rent out to a larger fraction taking up residence within. The creation in which every single human can be their own self sustained energy system was a false one to begin with, it takes a collective humanity to love the creation and that is where you have been together from the beginning.

The gates were open and you ran like children to board into that which you had not understanding of the experience that you were about to embark on. Even though yes, you have been here before believing it shall not be the same but alas it was to pure in though that brought you back for one more ride. A ride that you knew would be the last time you had the choice to be here and here you are. Allowing the controllers to take you where they may. The ride up was one of thrill and excitement, believing you knew what would happen next. Experiencing the ride down as a terrify one that you seek to get immediately off, but have nowhere to turn. Everywhere you look no one will listen, no one will assist you. What is it that makes you terrified this time around? What makes you believe that the ride is almost done? For the ride is not as short as you have been lead to believe, the ride is just beginning and you have bought not one, but more tickets than you know. You have chosen to experience the full thrill of the journey as you have like the challenge many times before. You have said that you have experienced so much that this time you know what to expect and you have not been wrong, you have just been in an illusion to which the ride changed when you thought you knew the destination. The destination has not changed as dramatically as you have been lead to believe for the ride is the exact likeness to which you have been many times before. Are you enjoying the outcome so far? For you should as the outcome you seek is just around the next turn. You have lived through the fearsome beginning of the past as it catches up to the last of the kind of revelations to which you have been exposed, but did not desire. For the desire that resides in you is as old as time and it is with in your reach to experience again. You are warriors of the light to which you came. You have chosen long ago the sides and to which ride you would be given. Is it not time to take the ride and create it in your own will? How long the ride is, is simply within you. Your planet of Mother Earth is changing exactly as you have described it would you have been rewriting your own history and now when it is time to make the biggest impact you want off the ride as no one is listening to your words. Your planet of Mother Earth is telling you the ride has been long and the ride is about to change it can be through your own change or it can be through the ones you have given authority over to. There is no escaping the role in which Mother Earth plays and you know it. The ride is going to change exactly as we have been giving to you for a very long time. Do not be as weak as you have been the last time around. You asked for this and the only way off the ride is to be off of your planet of Mother Earth and that is not what you have written to do. That is not an option. Then the only thing left is to ride it out and not be allowed to be made a fool of along the way. There is no time to barf up all that you have been given, there is not time to squeal not fair, there is not time for anything but to make yourself prepared. We have been giving you the energy in which to sustain your presence with us. We have given to you the words that have been guiding you if you have been listening and we gave to you the time frames to leave or to do what you know within to do.

Why was it ignored by so many of humanity is the question that others cannot go back to say they were not given the time to do everything that is needed. Do prepare if you will but you will find that even that is not enough time. Your planet of Mother Earth is to a point astrologically that has been revolving for more than you understand as the energy in which you attached to all the possibilities came crashing. Have you noticed the reversal of planets that have been wringing you through what was not necessary? You place so much out into the universe that even the universe was affected by the outcome of your own fears. The projection of the destruction of your own planet is one that not even others believed until they began to orbit your solar system again. Your thoughts and intentions can make the biggest impact this you know then why even beneath all that you know and say, did you still lend a hand in the gathering threat around you? Do not try to say it is not; do not even try to look past your own intentions or thoughts of those around you for it is within you that the thoughts betrayed itself. Your planet of Mother Earth is only doing what she knows to circumvent the energy into which has been placed within her and around her. She can not shake it off fast enough. And with that comes her own to assist her, we expressed to you they would be returning we gave to you the knowledge that it will not be a time of your own choosing when this shall happen, but that of your own Planet, your own Mother Earth. She, just as you, have the connection to signal to her own and as you placed your own will upon her and within, she, like you, took what she knew and worked to free herself. As she did this she was like a beckon of light to her own and as the energy intensified they saw the distress and made their way sooner than expected. You have been bringing about the planetary change without even believing it could be done. Just as those before your time upon your planet of Mother Earth you have given unto the Universe a distress call that brings with it assistance that she needs to sustain the magnitude of what is to come. We have expressed our concerns before and have been giving to you the knowledge to see the creation being created. As we said it is not of your choosing when they come but it is of your actions when they come. You of so little faith as to project the time and place for the ascension intersection have no idea how this shall take place but you have that energy within that has been like a beacon to your own soul, asking why I am here and remind me fast. The energy that has been building has either made you tired and no longer caring or made you more energized believing it is all for you. You have been so excited by the prospect of seeing and being from whence you came you have negated seeing with your own immortal contract of the soul the expressions you have hidden deep within. You have unavoidably brought to you the actions that you may believe you desire but one that which you are not prepared to accept as they come to you. This is just as before, the innate actions of one who is tired and expectant of being relived of the duties into which one has accepted long ago. What happens when the illusion is lifted from your own eyes, shall you believe it? Shall you negate it all? Shall you accept so freely what you have inherently been living upon your planet of Mother Earth believing it equals the same energy? As the teacher has said my words before “Are you ready?” for in the readiness you have been living you have also not noticed how your actions have affected your Mother Earth or have you?

The outer shell, the very skin in which makes your Mother Earth known to you as tectonic plates, those are her own emotions shifting, pushing all in its path and knocking off what has been placed within her. Making room to expels all that is inside that is not who she is. It is like to you placing the uncomfortable skin of rule upon your human body. The eruptions of volcanic actions are that of what has been emptied within her, she finds the bile rising and nowhere else to go but back to which it came. All of this is what swirls around her the energy in which has been living upon her, rising higher in your skies to sustain itself until it releases the energy contained. This shall intensify until the energy goes back to which it came, her own cleanliness to make a clear path for others to follow. She has been giving signals to her own to seek their assistance in reaching beyond time and space to say it is done. Much like you as you seek to withdrawal the poisons to which you embraced, seeing how they have made you sick beyond what your soul recognizes. You seek and reach out to others to feel your pain and to assist you with the cleansing to purify yourself once again. And to where do you reach out, to those with just as much sickness? Or to that which lies within? The teacher has given to you the path in which to purify the heart, mind and body of the soul. How many have taken it? How many have taken it for granted that which the teacher and others give so much of themselves. And do you see them sick of soul? I do not believe so, you see the pain in which they have journeyed, and you see the strengths that lie in their faith. They have taken the ride before you for you to see that which lies in your path. They have given themselves to under go the results for which you shall ride and did you listen, watch and learn? For there are those within your own planet of Mother Earth who through their own divinity gave and give that you would not have to travel the ride alone. But travel with an understanding that the ride is not what it is you sought but what others have created to place the wall before you in seeking to have your obedience.

Rule of structure and the codes of combat have no furry if not to be obeyed exactly as decreed. The conflict comes when one takes over the ride of another for which the original blueprint is null and void until the original raises their head to see the terror as it is, not as it is illusioned to be. The time upon your planet of Mother Earth shall be as it shall be. We told unto you the times were not to sit and wait for it to happen but to utilize the time to see it for what it is. Just as you, the teacher sees many things and gives what is given to her as she questions it all, she also knows that there is no turning from what is given. Just as you, it is all within you. It is finding your own true soul once again, your own original blueprint and to seek within it the answers that are there. It is your time, no matter the authority that is given around you, no matter the time you spend mediating within, and it is there for you, it is the thoughts that hide deep inside hidden from the ticket master so that this one will not know your thoughts. You have hidden it so well you have hidden from your own self. Or have you? The time when I walked upon Mother Earth was no different than now and you know me through the writings of your own history, it is I who have walked before and I have known that time would come that my own space shall be made clearer for the chosen few. I walked a time that is parallel to your own for many lifetimes and many times when the decadence was so rampant that the turning energy ended in my lap to assist as many as needed. When looking at the decadence of your time it mirrors the energy that was of long ago. it is for you to see the outcome of those times to be ready for what is to come, what has landed in your own lap is the answers you seek to your own future.

Your political and religious structures have been failing and you have given authority to make it so as you hold them up higher than your own worth. What blindness shall you give authority to when the veil is ripped away and exposed for what it is ?You have given authority for your own physical liege to be the destruction of all that you embody and all that you hold dear, why is that? There is no superior liege than the one to which you pray, so why is it that you have given that authority to a body of sovereignty to personalize who you are? Ahhh….the human error of their ways is an expression in which I was just reminded. To err is human may be the words that many live on your planet of Mother Earth, but are they the words to die by? As the collapse of your structure rule comes into play so does the intensity of fear for which guides the ruling human heart. We have taught you before that fear is just an illusion in which you have set up within to over compensate that which you do not want to deal with. Fear is a learned human trait that has no place within the configuration of the heaven above. It has no place for you as you walk thru the millennium of the next revelation into which you shall exist. And revealing all that is within your sight is what has gotten you to this point of existence. The cataclysmic events that are unfolding are what shall be, the unmasking of the ticket master whom holds your life in the balance of which way shall it be. The truth be told that you seek outside and do as others do, when the inside shows to you what you may not want to see but that which is there and shall be followed through with. We walk beside you each of your living days. We give as much as we can to not intercept what the direction of your own destiny lies. And in that we see the direction in which the falsehoods of your humanity rule their own destination, even if it is not your own choice.

The world unto which proclaims the Lord of Heaven guides them in the destruction of humanity is the world in which no longer is ruled by heaven but by the false ego of the materialistic liege of the world.

We are here with you, we are one with you, and we are only that which you allow by the prayer within that seeks the destination of Heaven above. My time with you has been one of rejoicing, seeing you as you ride the ride set before you with the strength the ticket master does not seeing coming as of yet.

May you always see the path before you from those who have walked and stand tall under all adversaries that would have them fall.

I am Lord Amin-Ru

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2012 Adele Marie- Angelic Wise Ones™


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