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New Beginnings here at Angelic Wise Ones®

New Beginnings here at Angelic Wise Ones®


As time has come and gone, everyone grows and everyone needs to let go of what no longer serves them, which applies to us too. Over the past four years there have been so many changes and thru it all not only have you been there, but I have been here too. Even though it may not have seemed that we were as productive with our work as I live what I teach and teach what I live, so I was not going to allow the energies of everything my children, friends and close family went thru to infect our work with the Universe and my Angelic Wise Ones®. So it is time to say goodbye to all that was as all that is, is here…


I have to laugh as thru the years so many times I see those who are call themselves Light Workers be many things but Light, and I sent them love and peace as I shake my head at how many would write about others being in ego or negative to those with which they themselves were in ego or negative for writing it. You know what I mean? So sad as we are all in this world together and we are all here for our soul journey. Why is it so hard to support one another and truly mean it? Why is it so hard to accept the good in someone who has never served you any harm?


Just as mass media serves to better their own self, the mass media placing harm around the World in the name of fear, so too do those with whom say they are the light. How do you know which ones are really of the light? Hard to say as we are not here to judge, just make an observance of what has been projected to many, and then to serve and enlighten many along the way.


For these past four years or so, I have kept working and quiet about many things, I have watched as the populace laid their judgments upon that which they did not know. For if you knew me, if you had worked with me, if you had read my work and channeling, then you would not have gotten on the bandwagon within the physical earthly negations to defame or lay falseness where there was none. For no matter what is done to me, I shall not return it to you the same way. I shall send you love, peace and blessings. Words were sent around, of hate, ignorance, maliciousness and more…and from the receiving end of all that to harm not only me, but my children, friends and close family, I still live what I teach and teach what I live. It was not my place to exchange the ugliness that went around, as many of Light wanted me to come onto their blog/website forums and argue my case…lol…what case? I left a marriage where my children and I were on the receiving end of abuse. Were we to continue to stay?


And if you are of the Light of the Universe, then you know and understand Alchemy, do you not?


Everyone talks about stepping into their power, but when one does so, the darkness of opposition lashes out to try to bring them to their knees. And the darkness likes to take as many with them as they do. So yes, the darkness lashed out at me, us for saying we were no longer going to live with the abuse…lashing out and gravitating like a gyro out of control to hit us where it believes it counted the most and with nine against one, then twenty against one, the filth flew from their mouths, minds and hearts. In its path of destruction to spit out venom and cruelties, gathering individuals along the way to assist it, the ending was near and the ending did not bring the power down, only made it stronger in mind, body and soul.


For I listened as the Light of the Universe said… “Allow that which is of the darkness to spew its ugliness as you not look into its eyes, for no matter what, you shall be saved, believe and we shall serve”. With The Angelic Wise Ones® and the Blessed Mother Mary at my side, I went within their loving energies to explore a whole new energy of Light and we stand in our power more than ever.


For as we are of the Light of the Universe, the Light of the Universe then says…“So Be It”…we all know this, we all use it and hear it all over the place, where are you in the Light of the Universe? Where do you cleanse your soul upon Mother Earth to allow the indignity to be cleansed from you body, mind and spirit? Where are you whole and healed? Is it time to do a Soul Light inventory, to step back and see the Soul Light as it is to be seen? How pure is that Soul Light within, for as Light Workers there is to be no harm to none, is there not?


Times are here for New Beginnings every moment of our life, it is time to be NEW, and right now this energy is supporting the Newness in all of us. It is bringing with it a cleansing so strong that it knocks you off your feet to give over…to give like never before. Refreshing!


We are at a crux in this world and the energies are supporting all that we are placing within the Light of the Universe. Where are your thoughts, words, deeds and actions, seriously???


Are you within the boundaries of professing one thing and doing another? Of being that which you say you are, but in truth not totally aware any longer? The physicalness of humanity is on the border of an acclimation of expansion that it is severing so many, in more ways than one. Please do not allow that energy to be hidden from your own view, do not allow to not see it…within your own heart and soul.


So many say they can see, so many say they know, and to them I say, what is it you see …what is it you know? For within the soul lies doubt, fear, unsettling and that is what I have seen these past four years from those who have called themselves Light, that is what I have watched, listened and learned from. I may have not been allowing myself to bring through the energies to give all the words of the Angelic Wise Ones® to the world like before during this time, with the exception of those who loving stood by our side, but I have watched, listened and learned…I never left the Light of the Universe… I never forgot to where that Light comes from. For I have given myself whole unto that which I am here to do…. Have You?


 Life is Refreshing if you allow it to be…..We are New and you haven’t seen anything yet.



May you always be Blessed with the Light of the Universe deep within You.


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele


All Rights Reserved Copyright©2014 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®

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