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Soul Energetic Aura Private Readings

If you have never had a Soul Aura Private Reading then you need to check this out.

As a Visionary Messenger I can see all kinds of things wherever I look and whatever I look at……so I do not see the physical individual in front of me , I see your Soul Energetic Aura and the beauty that shines thru is more amazing than anyone understands. It has a lifeline that lets me know so much about you that I love to share with you. And when it comes to those who say that there is dark or bad energy in your aura…well you need to understand the aura.. your soul aura…more to know that this is just not always true. And then again, the way I see your soul energetic aura’s is not the way others do.

Check it out, make an appointment and lets take a look at Your Soul Energetic Aura together today….

This very special Soul Energetic Aura Reading is an ancient and old form of private readings that is tailored and designed just for you in mind. As a Visionary Medium, Adele opens herself up to let you know what your soul aura is saying about you. What aura colors are vibrating within and around you as you journey thru your life. What past lives you have lived and how that corresponds to your life right now. How soul auras can change everyday just as you do and what colors draws others to you. How to keep a fresh and clean soul aura, and the vibrational energetic soul aura that makes you uniquely you.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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