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Angelic Wise Ones June 2016 Newsletter

Welcome Message from Adele
Personal Love to our Souls of Light
12 Things you need to know about LifeAdele interview 7-2015 - 6
Channeled Message with The Blessed Mother Mary
Looking deep within the abyss  
12 Things you need to know about Meditation
Thriving Community of Awareness



Welcome Message from Adele

Welcome Angels to Angelic Wise Ones®, to all families, children, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends of our LGBT community we send our hearts of love and prayers for each and every one of you. We send our prayers to America and all of her children; we send our Love World-Wide to All.

As we gently step unto the world this day may we have strength in knowing we are here now and not tomorrow. We are here now and it is yesterday no more. It is what we do with this day that shall take us into our tomorrows, take us into the world in which we have created to live and die, laugh and run, yell and cry. Stepping into the journey of who we are this day, heads held high, never looking back for we can only learn and create not yesterday, but tomorrow.

“When a soul is born unto this world it brings only one soul into this world. That soul has lived numerous lifetimes of despair, poverty, love, compassion, strength, gentleness, exposure and innocence, martyrdom and power…That soul is one within itself… that soul is you”AMB

May peace in knowing you are stronger than you know as the world places fear in what they know to believe is a strong and organized union of loving beings that they need to hit you where it hurts to stifle your voice. Do not allow that to happen Angels…Do not allow one voice to be silenced as that voice may just be your own…

June is a time in which we come alive and all the blinders are being taken off at such a speed of light that it is very overwhelming right now. We know we have multiple planets in retrograde and this is to continue for some time this year so why do we not work with the energies instead of against them.  You do realize that we have more explosive energies coming which brings with it discontent but also new ideas that shall be reinvigorating to say the least. In addition to all of this is what we shall do with what we are learning and experiencing. How shall we incorporate all of this into our lives?

We have been living through what we have fought so hard against and it is time to say it has finally caught up with us and each one of us is accountable for the actions of the energies at play. So many smoke clouds that are descending to not allow you to see the truth behind the veils, this shall continue even more so my friends as we move thru this Year of Revelations. Remember during the Year of Revelations many things shall be revealed as many things shall find a way to hide from you.

Get knowledgeable, be proactive, let go of your old habits, thought patterns and self deprecation’s. Take stock in your surroundings and your own development. Open awareness rules right now and to be aware is to be in Oneness. Commune with Mother Earth and allow her to absorb you in her energies and her story.

Please take a few moments to read these different articles in our Newsletter this month and the months to follow as we will be keeping you up to date with Mother Earth and her journey which alters or gifts your world. Allow yourself to truly feel her energies; this is a door opener to so much around you in your own life. We know we hear, but listen to all that is shared and allow it to resonate where you are going and what you are feeling. Allow all of this to sit within you as you seek the answers you deserve. Yes, Deserve!

New Workshops, classes and events are headed your way these next few months that I know you are going to love, so check them out. Space is limited for a few of them and you don’t want to miss these events, they have been crowded and registering early is your best bet to get a seat. You will find the links in Workshops, Classes and Events here…

With all the emails I receive I shall be answering your questions as time gets real and the Year of Revelations has more to reveal as we go along.

So much has been happening and going on and I have taken the time to really put my energy into all of it, some have run across us as we are traveling with cameras in hand and it is great to meet and sit with you and if you have not seen me around lately just look for the renaissance that shall be coming your way shortly, we are even including a VIP Lounge, Dinner & Messages and more…. Exciting !!!

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright ©2016 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®, LLC

12 things you need to know about life    1Momdove

1) Life is what you make it.
2) Life is to be enjoyed, so start enjoying.
3) Life is more complicated to what is really simple. Simply stop complicating it.
4) Life is about living, live each day with new eyes of compassion.
5) Life is creating the balance of masculine and feminine.
6) Life is here for you to live, so learn to live what life is about.
7) Life is being there for someone else… without your own stuff.
8) Life is waking to a new day to start all over in joy. Be joyful and joy returns to you.
9) Life is the chance you have to make a difference. Making a difference in so many lives empowers your life to live the difference.
10) Life is truly beautiful when you give it a chance.
11) Life is about having peace inside, when no one else sees it.
12) Life is about LOVE
Life is about so many things that we sometimes forget that there is a never ending extent to what life is. Take a moment and add on your own 12 things to those I have provided above and you begin to see LIFE in a whole new way.

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2016© Adele Marie / Angelic Wise Ones®, LLC

Channeled Message with The Blessed Mother Mary, by Adele Marie

A Souls Awareness

Dear Ones I am Mary, the energies that are mine are with each of you. I come to you this day as I am here to give to you that which I share from my heart to your heart.

We are on the threshold of awareness as your families join us. We have been welcoming them home with love as pure as our hearts of heavenly love.

Please do not weep as we hold you close during these times of uncertainty around you. I live among you, I am holding all of you close to me feel the radiance of that love deep within your soul and allow it to flourish as it should be. Your loved ones have traveled far to be with us and we are welcoming them with open arms of love. They are well, they are joyful and they are with each of you as you bring to mind their lives among you. BE at peace as they are at peace, know they are beautiful with a radiant smile that last forever. They are diligently working along side of you as your journey upon Mother Earth a strong but an unfaithful one of turning your very soul over to a power that is not of the highest however  you would care to believe. Awareness arrives within the soul when the soul has journeyed far a wide to find the recognition that it belongs. A belonging that knows no other rival but its own. Awareness is within you dear ones a feeling so strong you know in which direction you shall travel. You are not alone, we give this to you for you to know within your soul awareness.

Awareness is a knowing that all is well, awareness is living well within your time, and awareness knows when you are traveling to meet the time of difference in your world. A time when your soul takes you where you need to be among the energies of that transcendence time. Traveling to make sure you arrive in time for the greatest event in your living history to be there, to be aware, to be where you shall earn your greatest glory on high. The messages never die dear ones. It is always around you. With every step you take you are transcend to where you are to be. You have a divine blueprint within your soul to map out your destinations and you arrive at the platform to await your chance to fulfill all that your soul is aligned with.

Hear me well children of light, you shall not be in vain all that you live through in your earthly life, for your rewards are in heaven among the divine God from whence you birthed forward to you destination. And here lies the souls contradictions of living life. For as you acclimate to your earthly dwellings you take upon your soul the delights of humanity and then that same humanity brings you back to the reality of whence you came. And in doing so you bring with you the acceptance of your soul to recognize your eternity of love for all as nothing shall compare upon your Mother Earth to that which awaits you.

You have boarded the station to depart and as you look back we are here just as you truly we send you with all that you need to overcome the imbalances you shall face. You have allowed the soul to acquire a taste of forbiddances and you run from your own divinity. You journey as though you thirst without that thirst being quenched, as your soul knows what the fruit taste like and shall taste again. You seek and you shun what your soul is guiding you to live, breath and become. For the earthly fleshes are mighty and you turn your back on home as you have acclimated to the home of your physical birth and that is to be expected with a twist of faith that we have provided before your embarkment from us. You shall always be aware of your home, your destination lies within you and all you have to do is ask and we shall show you. Show upon you the divine souls essence of love from which you are born. Bringing the ability to recognize this through awakening your souls light in your physicalness hence that is where we see many of your greatest struggles. Your innate ability to be awakened when they time of your souls calling of ascension is upon you. Feel your living soul within you calling upon you to awaken the forces of light to guide you as you walk your earthly life.  

With my life that I gave, I nurtured just as you, to reach humanity to tell the story of the living and deceased. A living souls journey lies within each of you. Live the journey before you in the living light of God’s essence of divine oneness of love.

There is still much to do dear ones as we know you are the ones here now upon your time on Mother Earth . Love one another, be all that someone needs in the darkest of hours. Share and join hearts to love one another at no ones expense as death shall rise upon the earthly tomb of Christ my son and they shall weep as I wept. Prepare yourselves for a battle that shall be one by the living light of God’s essence and nothing else shall conquer before it. Do not lose yourselves dear ones, Be your souls light of love and you shall be above the repercussions that have been given out in our names. Do not believe that we have forsaken you as you shall be lead to the slaughter in mockery of another’s voice from their own despair. You are not sheep to be lead astray, you are the Divine and there are those who would have you so that your light would dim in their surroundings as to not awaken their own. When you choose the exact mirror double you shall have the double of infamy at your day to continue the march against all that you hold dear. Awaken and live in the light of God’s essence not the darkness of deceit . 

Awaken child of light, heart of my heart and you shall see light within all spheres of the soul to guide and know you are not alone, you are Loved.

Heart of my heart place your hands upon your heart and feel the love descending upon you now.. Feel your living light of God’s essence move with you and breathe deeply in this love. Here you shall find your loved ones as they join us, here you shall explore and reconnect with your loved ones. Here they shall take you upon the journey of your soul to see, feel and hear them as they give to you the journey you shall take. Love dear ones, love and give freely your faith within this sphere of loving light, hold its essence and there they shall always be. Allow it to awaken within you, be aware, be free , be love be with me. Call forth the divine light of God’s love and breathe. Your souls coming alive to know dear ones, your soul is coming alive to know your journey. Make right what you have wronged, be free of the bonds that hold you, forgive and ask forgiveness. It is all here, here and now within you. Do not walk the physical, walk the light of God’s essence and you are free to be all love upon your earthly journey as we are with you.

We are with you never forget for we shall always be near. Heart of my heart I bless you in all love forever more.Walk youe awakening with love within, a love that runs deep.

I AM Mary, the Beloved

a abyssLooking deep within the abyss  

Walking this morning to clear my mind of all the voices echoing their deep soul pain, I found myself sitting upon a ledge looking over into the abyss of society. A society that cries out in pain, seeking answers, but still turns their heart when pain envelops them, journeying to make right what is wrong. They raise their voices in heated agony to one another as the powers that be turn their heads to seek solace of selfishness. For they know you shall succumb to the depression of silence within and you shall beat upon your fellow human until you get your way. You shall be the puppets in which your leaders seek to say they had no hand in what was at play and still you beat your fellow human. You beat the individuals who are you… you beat and scream and kill, rape, attack and bully your way until you have beaten those down right beside you that are all seeking the same… peace, truth and justice. And when it is all over, and you look around, all you will have left are your leaders…smiling their smile as they can say “I did not do this, by your own hand you have beaten, raped and maimed. You have destroyed those around you whom had the power to rise above to take me down and you did not win as you believe, but have put more power into my hands to control once again”.

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

Questions stirring within me, energies rising all around, precious life drained. I deal with death everyday; we all do in one form or another. But I work with death of the human physical self, a freed soul that has been enlightened with whom shake their heads on why they keep coming back here into this life upon Mother Earth. As I sit and look into the abyss, I too wonder why and the answer is always the same.

We as human beings call out in pain and misery…mourning, anger, and fear hopeful that somewhere in the Universe our voices will be heard. Somewhere someone is listening and shall be the savior in or lives to let us all know the times that we are living is just but a dream that we shall wake upon and be filled with a loving peace deep in our being. This life is no joke that we are living; it is not the time of our mothers, fathers, grandparents or elders. This is our life here and now and it is within us to be the ones to create or destroy.

As we call out into the Universe, the Universe gives back to us the answer we seek. It comes in waves of human souls born upon this word to begin anew. To answer our calls with their love and with each one born we find ways to suppress them to not be heard but be a science study along the way.

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

Seeking and searching for greater understanding. We can live out our lives with no mind to what is going on around us and we can live out our lives seeking personal pleasure. But what we cannot live out our lives in…is allowing the destruction of humanity in the shape and form to which we turn a blind eye to the ending of our souls.

The tides of energy is rapidly moving, ever changing from one breath to the next and here we sit saying our hands are full and tied. To what extent do we linger? To what extent do we allow our souls to die?

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

You may not want to see or know what I see and know as I look deep within the abyss. And maybe you really do not need to know. As the years have gone by we have given you much to think about and much to prepare for and still you call fear. What is fear I ask?

For fear is nothing, was created from nothing, to keep you from gaining access to your loving knowledge of all things all beings all love. Fear is a man made product that you live each day. We are all born unto this world as loving souls which have then been programmed through our physical lives to only negate all that we inherently know within which love is. I have heard said it is hard to hate as we are all love. But it is hard to love when we have been taught so much hate. A wonderful example is taking a moment to look in the mirror, see yourself and tell yourself…I Love You…and actually mean it. Man…would you please take a breath, now let it go and look at yourself and say I Love You…and mean it! I have been teaching this exercise in my development classes all these years and it is still the hardest of all my exercises for everyone to do. We may look at ourselves in the mirror, we may brush our teeth or comb our hair, but we are not really getting in touch enough with ourselves to see ourselves, more importantly to love ourselves unconditionally.

And still I look deeper within the abyss.

I go back and seek out Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru and just sit beside him as I can feel his energy growing stronger and stronger and I take relish in being right there beside him as I need that assurance, we all do. He takes me on the journey to remember all of everything he has shared with us all these years and the pieces, the answers the words are all right there and where were we? Just like me I am only one, but when we unite and connect we create an ever lasting energy that cannot be undone. That energy then connects and creates a vortex of energies so bonded it cannot be divided. This we do as we create families and friendships, we create energy stronger than which we have seen here on Mother Earth and still we weaken it by allowing our passiveness to continue in which allows us to be divided instead of united.

Looking deeper within the abyss I see, feel and know the destination before us.

Do I dare share or allow you to seek the abyss within to look…

At this time we are doing everything in which to rise up and praise, honor and love those who have given their physical lives for us to finally wake up to see what is before us. How many more shall ascend? How many more will it take to do the right thing?

Looking within the abyss I see the face of humanity…I see no more…

When we look within we seek the place where no one else may enter. Our Holy Grail of Light. We establish with care the genuineness out soul has to share with us. A reminder of home, a reminder of self, a re-connection to our living soul. We have the power and loveliness to accomplish copious amounts of energy, power, glorification, humility, truth, grace and honor in our world in which we live. We also have the strength and due diligence to over come what ever is thrown our way…why then do we not have the fortitude to do what is right in this life to be gentle and kind to one another?

The face of the abyss is darker than you realized and lighter than you know.
Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright ©2016 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®, LLC



12 things you need to know on how to meditate

1) Find time when you will not be disturbed

2) Play some gentle music, ring a bell or sit quietly listening to the natural sounds around you

3) Burn incense that will create the ambiance and allow you to relax

4) Light a white candle

5) Sit or lie down where you will be comfortable

6) Say a prayer of light protection

7) Invite your spirit guides to be with you

8) Set your intention for the meditation

9) And then begin your breathing; be consciously aware of your breath as you inhale and exhale

10) Relax your body, give yourself permission to relax with each breath you take

11) Let go of all things that come into your mind that has to do with your day or chores that need to be done

12) Enjoy ! Remember this is your time to gift to yourself, a special time just for you…to connect with yourself and to receive understanding, answers, a connection to a higher source, a lighter mind, body & spirit.

Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2016© Adele Marie / Angelic Wise Ones®, LLC


Thriving Community of Awareness

 by Adele Marie

Spirit has a way of allowing us to understand all that is before us.

Times when we bring our voices together we find that so many are hearing us but not really listening. How many times will it take for us to keep saying we need to do something but when we do, we are put down in one way or another? To see the rallying around our communities makes a soul feel alive, understanding the purpose. Communities that are developed with a knowing of what community is all about. People make our communities, children make our communities, brothers, sisters, friends and acquaintances make our communities, schools make our communities, and businesses make our communities… You make our communities. I may not live in your community right now, but mine is no different than yours. You have all that I have, we choose the community in which we live by what is offered. What draws us to a community is what lies within…the heart and soul of a community…us together… a community of individuals of like mind here on Mother Earth who are working and living to survive, to enjoy, to laugh and mourn and to be all that each one of us can be. We enrich our communities by the support and heartfelt love we have for one another. From the older generations paving the way to create communities for their children, children and more children to grow and live and have all that we know we can have. To build and commune with one another, to share our daily lives in this great big world.

And time and time again we find that as we encroach upon a community we need to learn the community we are entering. We have to respect the community for all that it has built and the lives it is shaping. To honor those who have walked before us creating and building and sharing their own sense of self for us to all gather together in this life.

While we are here we have much to do and one thing is to not take the life of another. But we do anyway. We deem and decide what we believe is right and wrong with not just ourselves but those within our community. And then we take the steps to change that community to fit our own agenda.

So many say it is time to take our communities in essence our lives back.

I often wonder why?

Who took your community to start with? What did you do as they were taking it? Did you enjoy the time away as to not see what was going on before you? Did you even care? What finally made you sit up and look around to decide it was time? Where have you been? How many lives have been taken as you sat idly by? It’s your community, so what happened? Well we seem to always be busy with one thing or another. We are into our own lives so much that we seem to not see or care or notice what is going on around us.

Our communities thrive when we thrive and it is has been too long since we were all thriving.

Prosperity seems like a thing of the past at least when times were tough, when times where hard, we stood up and went about getting the job done, because you see our community needed us as much as we need our community. One by one our communities have been divided. A divided community is weak and can not stand alone. So someone took the time to say look at us in our community as we get the job done. We no longer sit and wallow, we join hands to bring it all back home.

We see Communities coming together in the past few months years and it is a wondrous sight to see as they join hands one by one. Are you the community? BE proud of your community and be kind to one another as you join together. Everyone has a voice and view on what their community shall look like in the coming years. Celebrate as you no longer are blinded and sitting idly by waiting for someone to fix your community. Take pride is all that is around you and allow your creation of spirit and community to be your dreams, your visions, your voice of peaceful love. Take pictures, share and be happy and joyful, for your community is shining and the light is not longer hard to see.

Over the years thru my channeling and articles we have been reaching out to get your attention, I know there are numerous individuals out there with their own words. And I say to you, it is your world, your life and your community. Your voice…To hate to hate because someone is not voting like you, is to hate the process not the one voting differently than you. We are all in this together and we all have a free will of choice that is what makes us the greatest. That is what makes us human in a society of power that will stop at nothing until they corral you as they intended all along.

Be Wise…Be Kind… and Be AwareA community
Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright ©2016 Adele Marie/Angelic Wise Ones®