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Angelic Wise Ones® Newsletter October 2014




              Welcome Message from Adele


 Your Closet of Yesterday

Hello and Welcome to your closet of yesterday…hope you have some wonderful things filling your closet.  I love this time of year as much as you do, crisp, clear resonating energies knowing exactly where they need to be and for how long. Think back to this past April and try to remember what was going on in your life and what you were placing out into he Universe. If it was anything like a disaster that seemed to come rolling in when you least expected it, then stop holding your breath as the energies are much better this time around, but still connected all the same.  Let’s take a look at October and You!

 You see, Mercury Retrograde is that time when the planetary energies will work so wonderfully with you as you go back to everything you put aside for that rainy day or the time when “okay fine, I’ll do it” and allow the energies to flow just right for you. So what do you say?, Isn’t today a great day to take the time to look at what you been putting off and if it is something that has been lying around for what seems like forever, then get it gone and away from your energy. This allows any blockage to your abundance, creativity, joyfulness or understanding, etc… to wake up smell the flowers and refresh you from inside out. And let me just say, not only will your house and home feel wonderful, but so too will you. It allows you to open your eyes to the positive and understanding that not everyone in the world understands what just hit them or going on around them as they are totally oblivious to Mercury Retrograde energies. So heads up yes, they will still be dealing with what they do not know. Kind of like your own little secret of happiness as you go with the flow of Mercury Retrograde… Mercury Retrograde will flow with you.

 How awesome and a win win for you and everyone around you. But wait a minute… does this just mean clean the junk out of our home? Ummm…no, this also means clean the junk out of you too. Be honest with yourself. Grab a cup of tea, a notebook, pen, or computer key board, well of course the one attached to the PC and sit back, relax, let go of that breath you are holding and close your eyes, see a door in front of you… A closet door, is that what you see? Great job!. That is your closet of yesterday. 

This month with Halloween and all the spookiness that shall be running thru your yards

collecting as many goodies as possible reminds me of days of old…

 Remembering so many times when we would hear someone say “they have skeletons in their closet” …well guess what, its time to meet your skeletons. Interesting that Mercury Retrograde shows up this time of year when the trick is to learn how to treat ourselves!

 Okay, back to those skeletons in your closet….Yes you…I’m here with you, now let’s look behind door number one. Ohhh… there you are, as you are looking thru the door visualize yourself in your day to day life and then what catches your attention? What did you throw thru that door and just slam it shut, out of breath,  and leaning with your back against it hoping that it would just go away?…Need a flashlight to illuminate it more for you? No? Okay then let’s dig right in…oh wow, there you are reaching thru that pile, stretching….got it, okay bring it out into the open light. Now, write about why you threw it in there and walked away. Go ahead, you have already been living each day, there is nothing more that can happen to you , but throwing out the junk that no longer matters in your life. Time for a little bit of cleaning house, your house, your body, mind and soul. And while you are in there look around for the

 You see Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to get in there and dig deep to finally release that nagging, that fear, that unknown to make it known within your world as the energies of Mercury Retrograde helps with all of it more smoothly than any other time.

 Mercury Retrograde is one of the most perfect time to journal, the perfect time to face your fears than any other time that we have going for us , why do you think ti last as long as it does? Well of course, because everyone has stuffed so much away in their closet that there is no more room for anything else and it is over flowing. Just think if you clean it out now, then you have more room later to fill it back up…if you so choose!

Personally I like a clean and well organized closet…


Happy October and Blessing of Booootifull Energies to you!


Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

Welcome Message

Spirit Talk Time

Muffins and Messages

November Thankful Holiday Special 2014

Mediumship & Spiritual Development and then some…

 Angelic Guidance Just for you

Climbing that Mountain



Spirit Talk TimeTM with Adele

Just a heads up Angels !

This is the time of year when the energies are at one of its highest levels. Take time out with Adele over a cup of tea, coffee, water or juice at her local coffee shop for Spirit Talk Time…Get caught up, share the news, ask questions, relax and enjoy. Adele will also catch everyone up on her latest manuscript and recordings.

I was making a fast run to the local Columbia Mall as  I needed a Bridal Shower gift, and as I turned around coming right towards me was a lovely group of Angels and what better way than to stay connected than to sit right down and Talk Spirit, even at 8:30 in the morning…lolol… Such a beautiful and wonderful visit with each of you, now lets get together real soon once again!

Speaking of soon, watch my twitter and Instagram for that cup of tea to where I shall be this Friday, October 17, 2014!

Come on out and let’s talk Spirit and allow the messages to flow!

Follow Adele’s Instagram at AngelicAdele and Facebook : Angelic Wise Ones for the exact locations. You may just be gifted with a few messages….

See you soon…Angel Hugs!


Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®


Mediumship & Spiritual Development and then some…

Classes have started and I am having a blast with my new students. Many of these brave souls have just experienced their first Nights of Channeling with me and I am energized to hear what they have to say about their experience.

We have to combine these two together as many individuals never really understand or realize that in order to be the best Medium there is you have to understand spirituality. And then too, it is just not about being a Medium, for that which you learn in my classes will open you up to new levels within yourself to be utilized in your everyday world. Its learning who you are and why you are here. It is learning to use your gifts as which you were born with to make the best of your life here and to know the journey that is not just ahead of you… but that is around you.

I love when I have new students, they are fresh, eager and totally clueless as to what they have just committed themselves to walking thru my doors. and as always …Let the journey begin. As when they walk out my door, so many things are happening as their minds, heart, body and soul are rejoicing in many emotions, validations, understandings, communications, strengths they never realized they had, truths of who they are, seeing the world thru their original eyes, joyfulness, love and so much more. And I Am proud of each one.

It takes a lot of be Spiritual or a Medium in this life, in this world, with so many energies pulling at you. For what seems like forever I have been teaching everyone who seeks me out what Mediumship and Spirituality is all about. and I have enjoyed every moment of assisting someone to open their eyes to it all. And you have TV shows after TV shows with the word Medium everywhere like it is a New thing…lol… well sorry to tell you this, but we have been here forever and a day. stic around and we will share even more with you!

So many individuals seeking you out to know more and more. So many individuals shunning you as they just do not know what to think or what they will experience. But one thing they come to understand is that love is not just for one individual or two…Love is for each and everyone of us to experience and share. And if you have not had your share then maybe you need to sit down and talk to yourself to ask…. ” why am I not loving myself more?”.

Get ready… because we have a new highlight for you each day of the week with my Muffins and Messages™© if you think you know what or all about Mediumship… Your in for a few surprises in which you never thought about. Join me and just watch and see!


Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®


 Muffins and Messages™©

Join me each day for an insightful buzz into the real life of a Normal Visionary Medium, as each week I will highlight Muffins and Messages™© just for you. How fun and exciting to be living in todays times of seeing thru the doors beyond what your perceptions of a true normal Visionary Medium must be like.

You have questions, and I have the answers…. and that is all I Am going to say right now, but please join me for my Muffins and Messages™©…

ohhh.. a Highlight right now you say???… okay  all of these symbols you keep seeing, is because well…sometimes individuals like to steal my work because they do not know how to do their own work and find it much easier to take from those who do the work than to do it themselves. This work then goes straight to my attorneys to file to be submitted for copyright and trademarking with Angelic Wise Ones®… that’s a story that we will get to but for now I send you Angel Hugs™ of Love for a beautiful Day!


Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2014 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®


 November Thankful Holiday Special 2014


Angelic Heads up for yes, it is that time of year when I am allowed to say Thank You for all of your grace beauty, love and support over this past year of 2014.

Many of you know that November is the time when my Mom transitioned home. Through her Beauty and Light I am very thankful to have had her in my life this physical lifetime. Over all of these years she has inspired and guided me more so than ever with her words of life, that come back to me from when I was a young girl to this day. She gave me the foothold and platform in which I live my life and I am very thankful she did… She was a wonderful Wife, Mom, sister, aunt, friend and more importantly an Amazing Grandmother, guiding and showing each of us how and what unconditional love really is…and keeping with how generous and loving her heart was to everyone she met, I take the month of November to gift out to all of you thru my work with Special created just for you.

Please keep an eye out for my

 November Thankful Holiday Special starting November 1, 2014….

Much Love & Gratitude to you for all you do!

Love, Laughter & Light ™©, Adele Marie