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Angelic Wise Ones- Seeing is Believing – December Newsletter 2016

2016 AdeleAdele’s Welcome Message


Merry Christmas Holiday Special 2016 

Spirit Talk Time

Mercury Retrograde

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-RU

Channeled Message from Joan of Arc

Holiday Times when we miss them the most

Classes, Events and Workshops – Scroll Down….


Adele’s Welcome Message12-2 16292-desktop-wallpapers-merry-christmas

Hello Angels….


December and let’s hear some Cheer among the driving and shopping groans… lol…

How are you doing right now? How is everything around you? How are you feeling and are you ready to get things energized as we bring out the ugly ( beautiful) sweaters and sing those much beloved songs as we go about our day?

Yes, December the month you love and hate all in the same breath. And I am right with you. Love the sparkle of the lights and colors….sadness without my loved ones here to be with me in the physical way. But I still sing the songs from my heart with them as I know they walk around with me getting excited with all the Holiday goodwill going around.

The first part of December is quiet time for me, I am reflecting and looking at the times ahead that are given to me by my Angelic Wise Ones®. We are processing the changing of energies form one year to the next and I try to stay focused with them as they is so much to know, learn and see… that if I blink the wrong way it is gone…lol…

As the weather is getting colder it is time to get out those earmuffs… lol.. yes, I wear mine and I am a proud Angel for doing so! It looks as we are going to need our shovels early this year as we have snow headed our way here in Maryland, most likely by next week this time and Much Warmth and Blessings to those of you who have already had the white mantle of winter upon you.  As we talk about Mantle’s be ready as we have Mercury Retrograde headed our way starting December 19 and I believe it runs thru to January 8, 2017. Keep reading a little more of that here.

Merry Christmas Special is here this year and make sure you take advantage of the huge special price that I love to offer this time of year as my way of saying “ Thank You” to everyone…So if you have not done so, if you have not checked it out then what are you waiting for? Spirit has a Message just for you!

As in keeping things on the up beat and if you have been following me on my FaceBook page here and on Instagram you know we have been doing some traveling here at Angelic Wise Ones® we have christened and opened our Spirit Talk Time™ – Angels Touring™ events and we are having a blast meeting everyone along the way. Take a look here….


Spirit Talk Time™ – Angels Touring™ Events2016 Adele 10


Are you a Medium, Healer, Psychic or Psychic Medium? Do you have a wellness Center or Holistic Center? Then get in touch with us and here is why…

I have this amazing team of Angels Touring™ Mediums seeking those of like mind that we want to meet and connect with. You can meet them here

We started in Boston and Salem MA. And then headed over to Pennsylvania and our latest travels took us to Virginia Beach, VA. meeting up with Bella at Healing Concepts and the International Holistic and Spiritual Arts Expo.

Filming could not have been better and you will start to see over the next few weeks our videos and events that I think you are going to love. So the website is a little under construction but you can start to get a jest of it to meet the Spirit Talk Time™ Team.

We travel to connect with you and Lets Talk Spirit™. We also have events where you can join us for Spirit Talk Time™ round table, where we invite you and everything Spirit to gather and join in the discussion and fun events taking place. Ohhh… and messages… messages from Spirit as we travel about.

We have an amazing Film Director working with us as she films the journey of a Medium thru her life experiences. Along with this she is sharing her time for our videos of those we meet along the way.

So if you are a Medium, Healer, Psychic or Psychic Medium? Do you have a wellness Center or Holistic Center? Then get in touch with us so we can connect with you. We are looking for the real deal to share with everyone around the world. I do not care if you are a newbie or have been working with spirit since day one, please join us. I know there is a huge big community out there of true light souls who love who they are, what they do and even those who have a feeling of energies, but have not stepped out into the spot light yet. Well we want you to step out and join us.

Every time you get that feeling that you need to do something, but are not sure what to do. Get that feeling that something big is right before you but you cannot see it… then … Helloooo.. this is Spirit calling and we want to meet with you!

Join us, email us, connect with us and Let’s Do This!


Love, Laughter & Light™, Adele

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2016 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®



A power 2Mercury Retrograde

As we run around, shop, cook, laugh and meet up with friends and family we have Mercury Retrograde headed our way starting December 19 and I believe it runs thru to January 8, 2017.

What a delightful time of the year to have Mercury Retrograde, yes, I did just say that…lol… As we also look forward to meeting up with friends and family members Mercury Retrograde allows all of this to happen in delightful ways. A time to catch up and look back at all of the times you have had together this past year. This allows you to take care of things that you have not only put off, but to grant yourself respite from not allowing yourself to move on. Gifting during Mercury Retrograde allows you to move on and give someone a huge uplifting of spirits when they need an Angel Hug.

Now remember to stay away from starting anything new that you have not already been thinking about or working on, As it is okay to begin a new or next phase of an older project or plans you have been a part of before Mercury goes in Retrograde. Just please do not begin or think of a brand new project once it starts. As this project or venture shall not bar the fruit you are wishing or banking on.

So take the time to think of all those lovely souls with whom you have been meaning to get in touch with, you have been meaning to bake a dozen cookies for.. been meaning to give a phone call too and do just that… actually all of that would be good for your soul and theirs too.  So even as Mercury Retrograde brings its frosty self to all of us, and there shall be those who have tempers or bouts of pouting or not happy with what is under the tree for them during Mercury Retrograde… it is about remembering the times that are behind you and to realize the times before you are amazingly awesome and so too are you!

Have a Happy Holiday Season and be An Angel to those around you when they truly need one or not…lol….


Love, Laughter & Light™,  Adele Marie

All Rights reserved Copyright© 2016 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®


Classes, Events and Workshops


Well as this year ends we have some pretty cool things going on, lets’ look at them below:


Mediumship Development Class Series

If you have ever thought about learning something to help explain what is going on in your life, if you have ever wondered what it is all about, if you are receiving images, words, feelings…. it but have not taken the step to allow Spirit to Guide you, then this class is for you!

Classes Begin: December 29, 2016

Thursday Night Classes

Times: 7:00 pm. to 9:00 pm.

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

Website Link to Register


A Night with Stars and Adele

If you have not registered and attended one of these night then you are missing some of the greatest of times with the Stars. This is such a cool time when deceased Stars have allowed Adele to be their voice as they join us to give you a message. Robin Williams, Bob Marley, Richard Pryor, Prince and more stop by to let you know they are with you…

Dates: See below – Click on Link to see the Special dates for these events.

Times: *** 7:00 pm.*** ( See Below) ( doors open 6:45 pm -Lock at 7:00 pm Prompt)

(please do not wait on landing prior to 6:45 pm.)

Location: Ellicott City, MD.

Website Link to Register



Smoke Billet Message Circle on New Years Night

Special New Years Night Celebration with Goodies and Champagne

7:00 pm.till 10:00 pm.

Gather your family and friends are in for an Amazing night with Spirit pictures

that come alive right before your eyes with these Special nights of Smoke Billets with Adele.

On these nights Adele delivers to you a cool way of seeing and hearing messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones whom have crossed over into Heaven. These are very special select nights with a limited intimate audience and this is a low light night.

Dates: See below – Click on Link to see the Special dates for these events.

Times: *** 7:00 pm.*** ( See Below)

Location: Elkridge, MD.

Website Link to Register


Spirit Art Workshop with Adele

Spirit Art is all about enjoying your time with Spirit and having fun.

This is one of those workshops that you will always remember and be grateful that you joined in and registered! You do not have to be an artist to take this workshop as Adele is going to guide you every step of the way and you will be thrilled as you see the beauty of Spirit Art come alive before your eyes…

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Location: Ellicott City, MD.

Website Link to Register



The Lightarian AngelLinks™ with Adele

Join Adele as she guides you thru these amazingly beautiful energies of the The Lightarian AngelLinks™

Series of Five Energies beginning with Seraphim Rose Aura. Please note that the Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink represents our “Lightarian Doorway” into the energetic level of the Archangels and is a prerequisite for receiving the four Archangel AngelLinks.

First AngelLink with Seraph Rose Aura

Date: March 5, 2017

Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink

Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm – Doors Open at 9:45am

Where: Ellicott City, Maryland

Website Link to Register